Thursday, March 18, 2010

County Grounds, Pension Battles And A Question

Over at Milwaukee County First, you'll find:
  • Information about a very important meeting where you can have a chance in helping save a corner of paradise before they put up a parking lot, and
  • The Battle of the County Pension, where you have Walker and his acolytes pushing for a sound bite policy versus the Supervisors who actually want to permanently fix the county's pension problem. Can you guess which side we come down on?
While doing the pension battle story, I was reminded of this blurb buried way down near the bottom where they don't want you to read:
Also Thursday, county budget director Steven Kreklow said the county should wind up closing out the 2009 budget with a surplus in excess of $3.3 million. He said lower-than-expected health insurance claims could drive the surplus higher.
Again, this raises the question of how much of the current fiscal crisis that the question is facing is genuine and how much of it is something that Walker conjured up to help him take a grandstanding posture to enhance his flop of a campaign?

Another question is: When do we get our money back for the furloughs and being overtaxed by Walker?

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