Thursday, March 4, 2010

What They Have Is A Failure To Commicate

Scott Walker has become a laughing stock for his grandiose and unrealistic statement about wiping out unemployment in the state by giving all our money to the big businesses.

However, his campaign's mouthpiece, Jill Bader, apparently did not get the message:
YES! @Scottkwalker has reduced debt by 10%, workforce by 20% RT @JohnnyforWICR: Time 4 common sense 2 B restored in WI
So is his campaign about creating jobs or destroying them? Based on the last eight years, I would have to say the latter.


  1. Crapper said what?

  2. You just gotta love them drunken Team Walker members. They're just so witty. */sarcasm*

  3. I think most of us are interested in saving "private sector" jobs, Capper. Private sector jobs don't cause problems balancing a county budget. I think this was fairly easy to understand.

  4. "I'm not a destroyer of jobs and public services, I am a liberator of them!" - Scott Walker (propos to those who get the movie reference)

    Hey arod- "private sector jobs don't cause problems with county budgets." OH REALLY? When people lose private sector jobs, nothing happens to sales taxes? Nothing happens to the property tax base because people lose their houses or don't want to take any risks in new investment? County food pantries don't need to serve more people when the private sector lays them off? A stock market panic that results from private sector meltdowns don't require added contributions for pensions?

    I know you Walker folks are limited, but can try to look outside your Mom's basement at some point? Jeesh.

  5. I refuse to feed into the right wing's us vs. them manipulations. I would rather save all jobs, public and private. The first step to doing that is to get people like Walker and his ilk out of office. They caused this mess, and I sure don't want to give them a second try at finishing the job.