Friday, March 5, 2010

Which Is The Campaign And Which Is County Business?

In this morning's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Mayor Tom Barrett pointed out all of the jobs he brought into Milwaukee and contrasted that to the failure of Scott Walker who only knows how to decrease the number of working people.

Walker's campaign whined back:

Walker's campaign manager Keith Gilkes said that a better comparison would be the Milwaukee County Research Park, where GE Medical built an $85 million facility. Gilkes said the facility has created 2,000 jobs. Gilkes said that another comparison would be the $200 million in investments at Mitchell International Airport, which have created hundreds of jobs.

"Scott believes that the government doesn't create jobs, people do - that's why he plans to lower the tax burden so that the private sector can flourish," Gilkes said.

Walker then fell back to his old stand by method of whining...he emailed Charlie Sykes and mewled:
The work we did at the Milwaukee County Research Park with Wauwatosa to attract some 2,000 jobs from GE Healthcare and the nearly 1,000 jobs at the airport from Southwest, Air Tran and Republic airlines are much greater than the city's work in the valley.

But the bottom line is that people create jobs and not government. The Mayor's plan is limited to tax credits which allow the government to pick winners and losers.

We need a better business climate for all - through lower taxes, less regulations and limited litigation.
Getting government out of the way is the best way to improve the economy!
Well, at least their is consistency in his campaign rhetoric.

But wait, he then put out his weekly Executive Update on county property:
Our investments at Mitchell International over the past few years helped attract more flights and more jobs through Air Tran, Southwest and Republic airlines. In fact, our deal to secure
hangars was one of the key elements to Republic bringing 800 jobs to our area.

In many ways, this is like the work we did with the City of Wauwatosa that was the key to GE Healthcare bringing some 2,000 jobs to the Milwaukee County Research Park. Today, even more development is happening there and across the way on the County Grounds with the expanded growth at the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center. This area is one of the largest hubs for jobs in the region and we continue to work to improve it.

At a time when the economy is so tough, these are welcome success stories. We will continue to create a better environment for business to create jobs in our area.
Would someone please inform Walker that his job is not campaigning? His job is to run the county, which he is doing a very poor job of.

BTW, Mr. Walker, you should also mention that much of the money that "you" (you meaning the County Board) invested into the airport was stimulus money which you (you meaning Walker) did not even want.


  1. Barrett is doing the same thing on his "Barrett Report" when he brags about bringing in Talgo - the train manufacturer.

    So, Capper, are you going to denounce Barrett for campaigning on city time?

  2. The difference is that his report is not in perfect sync with his campaign, for two weeks in a row at least, like Walker's.

    When did Barrett start emailing Charlie Sykes every time he screwed up?