Saturday, March 27, 2010

Maybe We Should Hold A Bake Sale

It has been very well documented by many people that, thanks to Tom Ament's pension scandal and Scott Walker's ineptitude, Milwaukee County is in a severe fiscal crisis.

But not even I realized how bad it was until today.

If one goes to the home page of Milwaukee County's website, you will see this picture of Scott Walker (enlarged for the reader's ease):

I've seen it literally hundreds, if not thousands, of times, while looking up this or that piece of information, but did never recognized the problem until it was pointed out to me.

Look closely at the flag in the background. See how nicely the stripes are in their rows and columns? That's the problem. There shouldn't be columns. Compare the flag in Walker's official county photo to the way the current American flag looks:

No nice, orderly columns. That's because we have 50 states, not 48.

But it does explain a lot. Walker is so backward in his thinking since he obviously thinks it's still 1958. Either that or he really hates Hawaii and Alaska for some irrational reason.

But for crying out loud, can't Milwaukee county even afford to have a current flag?

H/T Michael Horne via facebook


  1. Without seeing the rest of the flag, maybe it has 57 stars.

    Good stuff, Capper.

  2. Maybe Walker is a collector of flags, old and new? An authentic 48 star flag is probably worth a few dollars. What's the big deal?

  3. yyah Capper you're digging for something here. For all you or anyone knows it could just be an old flag that never got updated. I prefer your posts that have substance to them.

  4. "No nice, orderly columns. That's because we have 50 states, not 48."

    Actually, there are only 46 states. Virgina, Kentucky, Pennslyvania, and Massachusetts are not states--they are Commonwealths.

  5. SI,

    You must be fun at parties. ;)