Tuesday, March 2, 2010

County Grounds Meeting In Tosa Tonight!!

Just a reminder that there is a meeting tonight with the Tosa Common Council*. Tonight's meeting will not be an open comment, but a more or less one-sided affair as the land development group UWM Real Estate Development Foundation, Inc. presents their half-truths and distortions to try to convince the Common Council why Tosa just neeeeeeeeeds another hotel, restaurant and strip mall to survive economically.

Isn't it nice that rich developers get their own whole evening. When will the Council do that for the environmentalists?

Anywho, you can submit your questions to the council and maybe they'll ask them.

Before you go, you can do some quick studying so you know what to ask:
  • The Business Journal has a story about how UWM Chancellor, who keeps trying to leave UWM for another job, is determined to ignore what the community wants, what his faculty wants and what is best for the entire community to ramrod this poorly thought out plan through.
  • The Daily Reporter has a much more objective piece on the developer's plan for the county grounds.
  • The Friends of the Monarch Trail somehow got their antennae on an electronic copy of the Kubala Washatko plan and have posted it on their homepage.
I probably won't be able to make it because I have a few other issues to address tonight, but one question I hope someone asks is why they give the media one map for what they want to do, but then have this map floating around with a road going right down the middle of the park (Outlot 3) that they report is vital to their plans:

There are a lot of other things that make you go "Hey, wait a minute!" For the love of the Monarchs, don't be afraid to challenge these people.

*Yeah, this should be on Milwaukee County First, but we are going through some work on the site at the moment.

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