Saturday, March 27, 2010

Man Cannot Live By Ham And Cheese Sammiches Alone

We all know how Scott Walker has been going on and on and on and on about how "frugal" he is, using that recycled and rehashed brown bag nonsense.

Unless he is talking about his campaign food habits, of course.

Apparently it does not applied to his dinners either.

Walker tweeted how he went out with his wife and some friends for some pizza. (Pizza on Fish Fry Friday, the week before Good Friday? Unheard of in Milwaukee!)

He even included a nice photo.

As you can see in the photo, they went to the Riverfront Pizzeria Bar and Grill. Looks like a nice place, but I've never been there. Out of curiosity, I Googled them and found their website.

My first reaction was "Wow! That pizza better be pretty damn good for those prices."

If he wanted to be really frugal, he would have gotten twice as many pizzas at Papa Murphy's for the same price. Then again, If he wanted to be really truly frugal, he would have just stopped at Aldi's and picked up a couple of frozen pizzas.

Maybe they went out because their friends are tired of having to bring their own toilet paper.


  1. Crapper - you really need help.

    You are obsessed and blinded by hatred.

    Although I admit it is kind of fun to slowly watch your brain unravel. The problem is that the rate is increasing so fast and your points are spinning so far out of control that we may actually be witnessing a mental health crisis.

  2. Watching his brain unravel leave the impression it was ever raveled to begin with...

    My guess cappers' brain unraveled over the years trying to give himself a pay raise by reducing his charitable donations...

  3. Maybe he had a cheese pizza? Is he Catholic? If not, then most religions don't follow the no meat on Fridays, so that would be no problem.
    And who cares where he eats when he is off duty and not using taxpayer money.

  4. Aw, c'mon, Dan. You have to follow his hypocritical meme. He calls himself frugal, that his whole campaign in a nutshell. The problem is that is not the truth.

  5. Yeah pizza, that is one expensive dinner, ahh the humanity. What-do-ya suppose he had to tip the door man to get that fancy table? I heard he had a ham AND cheese sandwich in his bag lunch on Tuesday, I wish he would stop acting like a fat cat, he didn't need that cheese he only did it to show off.

  6. So frugal = never eating out, ever? Come on dude, this is a huge stretch and you know it. He was out with friends, they were looking to have a good time, they went someplace nice. Being in culinary school and working in the restaurant industry, those prices don't look out of line to me. And how do you know he picked up the tab for everybody? And frankly, if he wants to spend his money that way, I have no problem with it. I happen to know for a fact he is indeed quite frugal; he used to drive a respectable and modest Saturn four door. Not sure what he's driving these days, but I'd bet honest money it's not a luxury car.

  7. Seriously... Capper, you are just acting to get trolls like me worked up, right? You don't really care or think it consequential enough where a man eats dinner to blog about it?

    I mean, you've got to be acting - like it's your schtick, right?

    It's like Hamlet, right? "I am but mad north-northwest: when the wind is southerly I know a hawk from a handsaw."

  8. Coop, Publius-

    Don't blame me. I'm not the one who told Walker to go with that ridiculous, rehashed campaign gimmick. I'm just the one ridiculing it.

  9. I would say this is the most bizarre post I have read by you, but unfortunately it is not.