Wednesday, March 31, 2010

That's The Way The Courthouse Crumbles

They've put up scaffolding around the courthouse to protect people from falling concrete.

This is all part of Scott Walker's supposed money saving method of leadership.

Milwaukee County First asks how much longer can we afford his "money saving." No wonder Milwaukee County is in fiscal jeopardy.

Fortunately, MCF's Survival Guide to Scott Walker's Courthouse is still free.


  1. You have a habit of posting not all the you lame attempt to point a finger.

    The rest of the story is, any damages will be capped at 50grand, the rest paid by insurance.

    Of course, all of this will be declared AFTER the reason for debris falling is determined...hmmm, image that gathering all the information for for foaming at the mouth with an opinion made of make believe.

  2. Hey Capper, it's a nice day out today, perhaps we should thank Walker for that. You know, since you blame him for everything, I figured we could start thanking him for the good things in Milwaukee County.

  3. Anonymouse,

    You miss two things.

    One, the insurance policy is not unlimited, and the County has already tapped it to repair vandalized park buildings.

    Two, you obviously did not read the MCF post, else you would realize that Walker's folly accounts for more than the deteriorating courthouse.

  4. Arod-

    Oh, I will be thanking him next week, although I think you might start cursing him.

  5. you have to play childish name games as well as playing loose with facts; gosh I love the liberal left and their compassion.

  6. So the courthouse crumbling is Walker's doing but the Zoo interchange crumbling isn't Doyle or Barrett's fault?


  7. Excellent point, love the paper trail exposing Barrett's awkward attempt at leadership that typifies what has gone wrong under Doyle's reign...Hope & Change 2010.

  8. And your excuse for Walker's long history of repeated failures. I'm still waiting for one of you "law and order" types to address the sexual assaults at BHD. Or how "Mr. Fiscally Responsible" Walker is still employing John Chianelli, who has already cost the county tax payers millions of dollars.