Friday, March 12, 2010

Walker, Chianelli Continue To Fail Vulnerable Citizens

Scott Walker and John Chianelli continue to bungle things at BHD, allowing a cognitively delayed young woman be repeatedly sexually abused, allowing the perpetrator into the community without any precautions, and risking $60 million in revenue.

Just so Walker can run for governor.

Story at Milwaukee County First.


  1. Did you hear about that 31 y/o man that raped the girl at UWM? Since that happened in Milwaukee, I blame Mayor Barrett. What a jerk.

  2. I agree. Tom Barrett should be held accountable. I would also blame him for 9/11. Where was he that day anyway?

  3. I think this is really something how many things are said about Walker from County employees, and yet I hear not one from City employees about Barrett. I think the County employees are on to something. Walker is a JERK!

  4. Aaron,

    Are you telling us that you don't think Walker should be held responsible for his decisions on who to hire for the director's position, or that he is not responsible for the way he administers the county's programs? If he can't be held responsible for those things, then he is not responsible enough to be county exec, much less governor.

  5. Capper, again, you are lacking reality.
    You are a social worker. Are you going to be held personally responsible if something goes tragically wrong with a client, even if you had nothing to do with it?
    As far as the sexual assualt, unfortunately, it happens in institutions. Having worked at different kinds of institution, sometimes it is impossible to stp sexual assualt, unless of course, you lock those people up in a cell 24 hours a day. Is that what you want? Good treatment plan.

  6. And when are people like Dan ever going to hold Walker accountable for the underperforming nature of County services? Amazing how when appoint lackeys at the top, denigrate the department's workers, and reduce the workers' abilities to succeed by cutting resources, that bad things end up happening...

    Then again, Danny Boy and co. are the same 20%ers that never held Bush accountable for his incompetence either. Come to think of it, Scotty boy just had a Bush boy come in to help raise a bunch of money for him, didnt he? Two peas in a pod, I guess.

  7. Dan, these people are locked in on their wards. But sexual assaults like this could have easily been prevented with 1:1 coverage. However, due to Walker's continuous lay offs and furloughs and budget cuts, that appeared not to be a priority.

    IOW, Walker put money ahead of this young woman's safety.