Monday, March 1, 2010

Stay Classy, Team Walker

Speaking of Team Walker, they show how utterly devoid of class and humanity that they really are when they put up a very sarcastic post about Tom Barrett's recent hand surgery.

Barrett, Hero Mayor, was injured last August when he intervened in a scene of domestic violence. A drunken thug was threatening a woman and her small grandchild when the mayor tried to defuse the situation and was violently beaten for his efforts.

Due to the severity of the injuries, the mayor has had to go through a number of surgical procedures, including this most recent one when doctors had to break and reset his finger. Fortunately, the mayor is doing well after the operation and was out and about as recently as last Friday, keeping up a positive tone all the way along.

Meanwhile, they have Scott Walker who tries to avoid the local people due to the mess he's made of things. No wonder they're so snippy.


  1. The difference between the characters of Mayor Barrett and Walker is like night and day. As the days and weeks go by it will become more and more apparent.

  2. First, Scott Walker did not create or officially endorse Scottforgov. So when you say "team walker", you should probably clarify this point.

    Second, if ANY mayor had seen what Barrett had seen, they would have intervened. Imagine a headline that the Mayor of Milwaukee saw a domestic incident and fled the scene?

    Needless to say, Barrett did the right thing, but the hero status you're applying to him is for partisan purposes - and quite transparent I might add.

  3. It's not my job to do Walker's work for him. If he does not like what they say, even if they have that big old disclaimer on their site, that's his problem.

    But to try to minimize a heroic action like Barrett's is much more partisan than acknowledging that what he did was heroic.

    That you refuse to admonish Team Walker for their boorishness is rather telling. It puts your integrity into question as well, to be quite frank.