Friday, October 1, 2010

Another Day, Another Dirty DA

You already know the story of Kenneth Kratz, the sexting DA who is expected to be resigning in the next week or so.

Now meet John P. Henkelmann, the DA from Wood County. Although Henkelmann's offense is no where near as grave as Kratz', it still gives DA's from around the state another black eye:
Records show a Wisconsin prosecutor was caught on video looking at porn in a resort's business room and engaging in what an employee called "lewd" and illegal behavior, but officers downplayed it.

Wood County District Attorney John P. Henkelmann was not charged with wrongdoing stemming from the Nov. 6, 2009, incident at the Osthoff Resort in Elkhart Lake. He declined comment Thursday, saying that he didn't do anything illegal.

A report obtained by The Associated Press says Sheboygan County Sheriff's deputies were called to the resort after an employee reported that a hotel guest had been repeatedly observed viewing porn. Deputies found Henkelmann looking at porn, but let him go.

Resort managers ended up firing an employee for talking about the DA's behavior with a Wisconsin Department of Justice official, e-mails show. Justice officials decided not to get involved after learning the incident didn't involve one of their employees.


  1. pretty creepy stuff why not take his porn collection down into the basement of his home and "let it fly?"

  2. Theres more to the story. Because he thinks he is above the law, a lady got fired. This is a outrage. This guy is a PERVERT. If any citizen were to do this in a public place we would be arrested and slapped with jail time or probation. This is a Wisconsin public official at his best.

  3. No, anon, the person who got fired was because of her behavior- she was insubordinate.
    How would you like to go to a hotel and then have the employee at the hotel go tell the public about what you said and did during your stay?
    While very stupid and creepy, the DA didn't violate a law, as was noted by the police, who should never have been called in the first place.
    And no, if a regular person did this, they would not have been arrested. Shoot, you can view some of this stuff in the public library where they don't have filters.
    That's not to excuse his behavior, but he didn't get away with anything.

  4. So when is masturbating in public not a crime?

  5. Where does it say he was doing that?

  6. What do you suppose the "lewd" and "illegal behavior" was...?

  7. Another victim of a criminal just us system. If not for double standards they would not have any.