Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Was Donovan Sleeping On The Job?

This morning, City Alderman Bob Donovan was making the talk radio circuit doing campaign work for Scott Walker by complaining about OpenSky, stating he put in an expansive open records request regarding everything about it.

It is more than a bit ironic that Donovan is doing this now, considering that he is Chairman of the City Council's Public Safety Committee. You would think that he would have been paying attention to what was going on for the past few years.

He must have been too busy attacking art schools or holding one of his myriad of attention seeking press releases.

Anyway, one of the things he was just so shocked about was that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had put in their own ORR, but then backed off when the price proved to be prohibitive. Rip Van Donovan made the same complaint to Weasel Blogger's own Glenn Frankovis, who immediately suspected that it meant they were trying to hide something.

Funny thing is I don't remember any of these people tsk-tsking Walker's obvious manipulations when he would delay ORR responses for months and then charge an arm and a leg for them if the requester was an unfriendly, but would then give his informal campaign arm, CRG, free rein whenever they wanted anything.

Nor did they say a peep when County Supervisor John Weishan's ORR was met with the same resistance and overcharging, and then never met.

I guess Walker's hypocrisy must be contagious. That or it's simply a characteristic trait among the right.

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