Monday, October 25, 2010

Stop the Scott Walker Troll, er, Toll Way

Guess what? Mr. Flip Flop is at it again. Scott "No New Taxes" Walker wants to raise our taxes after all. This time in the form of toll ways across this great state of ours.

The reason for this sudden reversal? All the money that has been donated to his campaign from the road builders. So much money that Walker was willing to fly down to Florida in a private jet to collect the loot.

The Barrett Campaign has started a microsite dedicated to fighting this new tax on overburdened commuters and tax payers.

After you check out the site, sign the petition and tell Scott Walker that we don't need him or his new taxes.

And once we stop him from building his toll ways around the state, can we do something about all of the Walker trolls?


  1. But Walker is going to save us all!

    You will see!

    Hang on, wait. How do you keep track of who should be in a special express lane and who doesn't belong in that lane? Sounds like another Walker fu#* up to me.

    I just can't keep track of that guys idiocy any more!

    I give up!!!!

    Sorry to bother you.

  2. I don't know how any one can take that guy seriously.He constantly and consistently contradicts himself.