Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reality TV Stars Get No Respect

Even after assaulting Dan Mielke at a TEA Party in March at the Wisconsin Dells and winning the primary in September, reality TV star Sean "Pretty Boy" Duffy still can't get any respect:

Dan Mielke has decided to run as a write-in candidate for the 7th Congressional District.

He was defeated by Sean Duffy during September's Republican Primary Race. Both candidates will face democratic State Sen. Julie Lassa in November. The winner will take over for longtime lawmaker Rep. Dave Obey. He's retiring after 41 years in office.

Mielke, a farmer from Rudolph, says he decided to mount the write-in campaign because he doesn't believe Duffy is truly committed to his issues of concern.

Mielke managed to get a third of the votes in September. If those voters decide to stay with the true conservative, that will cut Duffy at the knees with his own axe. If I were Mielke, I'd consider getting a body guard. If Duffy would resort to violence over a video, this will send him over the deep end.

Julie Lassa must be a very happy woman right now.

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