Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kleefisch Wants A "Grown-Up Conversation"

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel finally issued an editorial stating that they too think Rebecca Kleefisch should debate with her counterpart, Tom Nelson. In their editorial, they provide one of the reasons Kleefisch has thrown out there as an excuse for her cowardice:

Kleefisch says she won't debate Nelson because the Democrat and his running mate, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, haven't been fair and have, in her words, lied about her running mate, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker.

In an Oct. 7 post on her Facebook fan page, RebeccaForReal, she wrote: "Did you know out of the 15 questions asked in the gubernatorial debate, Tom Barrett made up lies about Scott for 10 out of 15? I don't let my kids do that and I cannot expect to have a true grown-up conversation with an adult who does."

In an interview Friday, Kleefisch said she didn't see much point in appearing with Nelson, whom she accused of name-calling. "I don't think we are going to end up talking about the biggest problem in Wisconsin, which is jobs," she said. Later in the same interview, she added: "I think it's incredibly important for each of us to talk to voters and to talk about issues. That's how you learn about the problems that folks are facing. . . . This election is about real people."

Yet, just earlier today, Kleefisch again posted on her Facebook page this little ditty:

How's that for adult conversation? Of course, this is the same woman who finds a make believe conversation between two turkeys to also be a poignant political observation. (BTW, Emily Mill's mock up of Kleefisch's mock up is much more entertaining.)

A friend of Cognitive Dissidence sent in this, which Ms. Kleefisch is welcome to use as one of her campaign posters:

I personally think that the MJS Editorial Board comes closer to the truth when they sum up their opinion piece with these questions:
What's Rebecca Kleefisch afraid of? Better question: What is Scott Walker afraid of?
My question would be: How bad is she that Walker is afraid that she could cause so much damage to his campaign that he won't allow her to debate or even step out of a controlled situation?

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