Sunday, October 31, 2010

Barrett Wins The Heart Of The GOP Land

Barrett gains the endorsement of the Appleton Post-Crescent, one of the most conservative papers in the state.

Some key excerpts, but the whole thing is a must read:
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, a Democrat, offers more practical solutions than his opponent, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, a Republican. That's why we endorse Barrett in Tuesday's election to replace Jim Doyle.


Tax cuts alone won't lead to job growth. Wisconsin doesn't exist in a vacuum. Other states have been hit by the economy, too, and will have similar plans. The most successful states will have plans for beyond the recovery. That gives Barrett's more detailed proposals an edge.

And Walker's opposition to the landmark embryonic stem cell research done through the University of Wisconsin-Madison could be truly harmful to a leading growth area in the state economy.


Ironically, given Milwaukee's enormous problems, both candidates are touting their experience in their current jobs as reasons to vote for them. Walker, in particular, says that he has faced the same economic challenges in Milwaukee County that the state is facing and has conquered them.

We would dispute that claim. It's easy to propose budgets with no tax hikes when you know your county board will overrule you.

While he's eager to take credit for the successes within county government, Walker deflects blame for the tragic situation at the county's Mental Health Complex and the fact that the state took over the county's public assistance program because of its problems.

While we're concerned about the toll the necessary budget cuts will take on our state's cherished quality of life, we're even more concerned by what kinds of cuts — and what further cuts — Walker would have to make.

We would be remiss if we didn't spend a moment on the candidate's running mates and suggest that should be a factor in Barrett's favor, too.

The lieutenant governor position has little power on its own, but given that two of the past five elected governors have been replaced by their lieutenant mid-term, the prospect of Walker's running mate, Rebecca Kleefisch, ever becoming governor is truly frightening. Beyond her lack of any qualifications, her statement that put gay marriage on a "slippery slope" that could lead to someone marrying a table, a clock or a dog is appalling.

Hat tip: James Rowen


  1. While it makes for a nice headline, I'm not sure the Fox Valley qualifies as GOP Land. We have Kagen, remember?

  2. One can always point out moments of lucidity in even the most disturbed minds.

    Kagen, now Barrett, and Nelson. There's hope for y'all yet.