Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Old Deer Hunting Defense

Rory Kuenzi, the idiot that went out with his brother and a friend and decided to run down, torture and kill a group of deer a couple of years ago, is also facing charges of homicide while driving while intoxicated.

In the most recent developments, the DA's office and the defense attorney were trying to work out a plea deal. Suddenly Kuenzi chose not to take the deal and they court reverted to having a hearing in November. The defense requested a delay in the court proceedings in order to have more time to prepare their case. Their rationale was a little different (emphasis mine):

"We thought that a deal would be reached," Nielsen said, adding that he did not believe the defense could put together an adequate case in time for the trial.

Nielsen said he was also concerned the trial would run into the gun deer hunting season that opens Saturday, Nov. 20. He did not want the jury to feel rushed to pass judgment or potential jury members to avoid sitting on the case because it could interfere with their plans for the first weekend of hunting.

Needless to say, the judge denied the extension request, saying that the case was so old:

"This case doesn’t just have whiskers, it’s grown a beard down to the floor," Kirk said. "The result that can be obtained becomes more questionable with the passage of time."

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