Sunday, October 24, 2010

Marrying Dogs Comment Causes Kleefish To Turn Tail And Run

In the spring, Rebecca Kleefisch did an interview on WVCY when she compared the domestic registry to marrying a dog:
“This is a slippery slope. At what point are we going to OK marrying inanimate objects?” Kleefisch stated in the radio interview. “Can I marry this table? This clock? Can we marry dogs? This is ridiculous and biblically again I’m going to go back to my fundamental Christian beliefs that marriage is between one man and one woman, and no matter what you say, the people in Wisconsin have spoken on this issue.”
Now move the calendar up six months to an appearance Kleefisch was to make at UW-Stevens Point. The Dems and the gay rights community wanted to let her know that they hadn't forgotten or forgiven her prejudicial comment and set forth to rally.

And rally they did:

Dustin Klein, Democratic candidate for the 24th Assembly District seat and a student at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, said college Democrats sent more than 120 students to a rally Kleefisch was attending on campus Thursday, which was only attended by about 20 Republicans, and she abruptly left.

“We heard her comparing gay marriage to marrying a dog and we wanted her to know we don’t accept that type of ideology,” he said. “We were expecting 40 or 70 people to show up, but we had 122. So, it shows we don’t have the enthusiasm gap Republicans want to say we have.”

Bader said Kleefisch had to leave the event because of a scheduling change.
Scheduling change, my eye. She is just too cowardly to defend her ignorance and too mean-spirited to apologize for it.

To hear Kleefisch in all of her Palinesque craziness, here is the audio.



  2. good, chase her away with her stupidity

  3. Is she implying that given the chance, she would dump Joel and marry one of her purchases at Selective Video or Red Letter News?