Friday, October 8, 2010

Walker Finally Has A Job Plan!

After months of Walker claiming to have a job plan, but not being able to offer anything but a cynical gimmick of 68 pages of lettering at size 55 font, and consisting of nothing more than a the standard Republican boilerplate and disrespect for the unemployed, Scott Walker has finally came up with a jobs plan.

That's the good news.

The bad news his job plan is this:

Yup, the bulk of his plan is to be a cheerleader for the state.

But what kind of cheerleader can Walker be after calling the state a tax hell for years and saying that trying to bring jobs and businesses to the Milwaukee County area akin to "putting lipstick on a pig."

But that's not all!

He'll also put a phone line in to handle all of the calls from businesses that will be beating down the door to come to a state he's spent years comparing to hell and/or a cosmetics-wearing swine.
Not only that, but using the past eight years as a guide, I am sure people will really want to locate to a place where the infrastructure is crumbling and the deficit grows so big it will take generations to pay off, even if the economy was in good shape.

And in a move that will probably push voters to Team Barrett's camp, he also said that he would put his Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch in charge of holding roundtable meetings with small businesses. I wonder if she will be applying her theocratic standards to them as well. Perhaps she could enlist Tom Reynolds to help her with that.

Every day it becomes more and more apparent that the only thing Walker knows about jobs is the snow jobs he keeps trying to pull on voters.

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