Wednesday, October 6, 2010

GOP Sends Out Questionable Mailers

The Election Commission has been getting a number of complaints regarding a questionable mailer sent out by the RGA Wisconsin 2010 PAC.

Chris Schimpf, mouthpiece for the RGA, defended the mailer, saying it was clearly marked as being from them and added this:

Schrimpf said the blanks were filled in for voters' convenience, to ensure they didn't leave out any required information.

He said all of the information was obtained legally, although he didn't know where the RGA got it. And he said the RGA showed sensitivity to privacy concerns by keeping the personal information inside the flier, under a flap, not visible until the recipient opens up the piece.

My wife and I each received one of these pieces of offal.

Contrary to Schrimpf's claims, it was not clearly marked as being from them. It was obvious that it wasn't from an government office, given the same tired and false rhetoric that they have been airing in their TV advertisement, complete with unsubstantiated and unsupported accusations. (Really, if you're going to cite the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, at least note the date and the title of the article, not just the paper's name.)

Secondly, while our personal information was filled out, complete with full legal names, addresses and dates of birth, they were not concealed as that the mailers were not sealed. Fortunately, the phone numbers were incorrect. The number they had listed is not one either of us had. It makes me wonder if we were gullible enough to use their invasive propaganda, would our votes have been negated due to the false information?

Ironically, Schrimpf then states that they hadn't received any calls of complaint. Maybe, just maybe, it's because they didn't include their phone number on the mailer, even though they put the recipients. Of course, if I was involved with something this slimy, I wouldn't want to hear about it either.

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  1. And it was most likely paid for by Fox News. Whatta world.