Thursday, October 7, 2010

We Should Follow Scott Walker's Lead

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how WISGOP was keeping their candidates, especially the major ones, in hiding.

They are still keeping their candidates under wraps.

Ron Johnson has been missing from interviews and other similar appearances for months now. Things are so bad that they have started to put his picture on milk cartons. We'll have another example on why this is on Friday night when Johnson faces Feingold in a debate which will be broadcast statewide.

But the most remarkable disappearance is that of Rebecca Kleefisch. Kleefisch was a trooper during the primary appearing everywhere and anywhere even while she was battling cancer.

Suddenly, she just up and disappeared. She doesn't even tweet with any sort of regularity now, even though she used to be most responsive, even to liberals like myself.

She started to clam up about the time that her Democratic counterpart, Tom Nelson, started challenging her to debates. Pressure started to build on the Walker/Kleefisch campaign until today, when they finally responded to the calls with a flat out rejection:
Kleefisch spokeswoman Jill Bader said Tuesday that she won't debate Nelson because the Tom Barrett-Nelson ticket is only interested in running away from their records and using false television ads to distort Scott Walker's record.
First of all, let me say that has to be the most insipid and inane response that I have ever seen from any political campaign.

It seems to me that the one running away is Kleefisch. A possible explanation could come from a TV news report on Team Walker's refusal to let her debate. In said story, they did ask Kleefisch herself why she wouldn't debate. Kleefisch responded that this was the time to discuss the issues on not play political games.


Isn't a debate the arena where two or more candidates talk about the issues, where they stand on them, and allow the voters to have a chance to make an honest, informed decision on who they wish to vote for?

Anyway, it might not be fair to say that Kleefisch is too scared to debate or that she is running away from the opportunity. After all, she did take on three or four other major contenders during the Republican primary, and obviously did well for herself, see how she won the nomination.

It is probably much more likely that Scott Walker has little or no confidence in his running mate. He could be afraid that she will again come off as being condescending and elitist as she did when she said that poor people shouldn't have the same access to the life-saving medical treatment she enjoyed. There is also the way she managed to alienate most of the LGBT group with her extremist views. And there was also her bigoted and mildly anti-Semitic statement that only Christians could be governor.

While many people describe the Lieutenant Governor as being a wasted office, the fact is that this person would need to step in and lead the state if the Governor was unable to perform his duties, either through illness or resignation or whatever.

If Walker has such little confidence that his running mate would be able to even present herself as being able to do perform the duties of this office, I say we should trust his judgment on this, and vote for the Barrett/Nelson ticket. It would make immeasurably much more sense to vote for the side that has two competent candidates than the side that can't muster even one trustworthy candidate.


  1. Piss and moan all you want. This election is going to be a landslide in favor of Walker.

    Dane county is about the only county Barrett has locked up. The funny bit? I'm pretty much an independent voter,and I vote the man,not the party. I find it absolutely hilarious that hard core democrats continue to tow the party line and really are not about change in Wisconsin.

  2. I can hardly think of any conservative candidates who haven't been ducking debates like crazy these days. Maybe debates have gone out of style; should we tell the Dems? They're embarrassing themselves by wanting to talk about the issues, and they don't even know it.

  3. Hey! I found Rebecca Kleefisch. She was at the UW Homecoming Parade last night, doing some pageant walking in a stupid red dress along with a few College Republicans.

    I called out "HI PALIN!" and she gave an alarmed look over my way. I was tempted to follow up on what she'd tell my 37-year-old friend who just got diagnosed with cancer and is facing the threat of being dropped by her private insurance company, unlike Becky and her government-provided health care.

    I love how Just Me thinks that 5 guys in Hartland are representative of the rest of the state, and tries to build some "inevitability" meme out of it. When you stop reading polls that oversample old white guys and check out what actual voters are saying, Barrett has the edge. And this is becoming more apparent by the day.