Saturday, October 23, 2010

Will Scott Walker Listen Now?

Dawn Kellner, the mother of the boy killed in the tragic incident at O'Donnell Park in June, has supported the call for an independent investigation into the cause of this horrible event.

Instead of honoring the wishes of the victim's family, Walker again tries to obfuscate the matter by directing the attention away from himself and his despicable record of refusing to allow even the most basic maintenance to be performed.

He is not only shaming himself with his blatant political gaming, he is bringing shame to all of us in Milwaukee County.


  1. In great Walker tradition, he is now in favor of an independent investigation. Is it correct to say that he wasn't before the notices of injury (legal papers) were filed?

  2. Even though he says he's for it now, he has done nothing to call for it, and he is still trying to steer its focus. Apparently he doesn't understand the definition of independent.