Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ron Johnson Gets Confused Easily, Doesn't He?

Ron Johnson really has a hard time keeping things straight, which is rather surpriseing since most accountants are known for being well organized mentally.

He says he is against the stimulus or any other government money being spent to improve the economy on one hand, but he is also more than ready to grab onto said money with both hands when he can.

He also has a history of getting pretty confused where he stands on other things as well, like allowing offshore drilling to occur in Lake Michigan.

Heck, he's not even sure when he went to work at the company that his in-laws created.

Now we see that he is confused on why he is even running for the US Senate.

In his newest commercial, he talks about why he chose to run.

But first, let me say that the commercial is a lot like the Windows 7 commercials, where the actor's imaginary self is some heroic, handsome and suave character, while the actual person is far from it.

Anyway, in the commercial, RoJo claims to be running because he wants to be the savior of the people. Apparently, the things he wants to save people from is an improving economy, gainful employment, and jobs remaining on American soil.

But in reality, he is running because a voice in the television set was telling him too.

Obviously, all his confusion is being cause by sunspots.

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