Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bacon Lovers Seek Jobs In Wittenburg

From the Appleton Post Crescent (emphasis mine):

Nueske's Meat Products in Wittenberg in Shawano County last week was awarded a $20,943 state grant.

The grant will help the company cover costs of equipment and facility upgrades, which will lead to adding 12 workers.

Mmm, Nueske's is only about twenty miles from the castle...


  1. Why would they need a state grant if they are going to hire 12 people? That's about $1500 a job. I suspect they would have hired the 12 with or without the grant as each job is only $1500.
    Just free government money. I'm glad they hired but they would have hired anyways.

  2. Dan, the money didn't go to hire workers. I know that there were two whole paragraphs, but you should have been able to handle reading both of them. Especially the part about the money going for an equipment/facility upgrade.

    Without the new equipment, they wouldn't be able to afford the workers as well.

    But thanks for making me feel smarter already.

  3. Whatever, capper,, you know it's getting old and very stupid. Maybe you think you are funny, but your not- just childish and immature. Seriously, you need to get a life. But the fact is that this government wefare. Are you telling me that if they didn't get this money, they wouldn't have hired these people? That's just plain stupid. Then how the hell are they going to pay their workers, which cost a lot more than $20,000.

  4. Dan-

    Did you ever consider that they might have had the money for the machines and not the workers, or vice versa? Or that this relative pittance was enough to push them into that decision?

    Either way, it was money well invested, as opposed to giving it to someplace like Harley Davidson which takes the money as CEO bennies, but does nothing for workers.