Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hey, RGA, Knock It Off!

A couple of weeks ago, the Republican Governors Association got some bad press for sending out mailers urging people to register for absentee ballots, the voter fraud choice of the right.

Many people complained of the invasion of privacy, since these mailers contained their personal information. My wife and I got one each as well, but they got our phone numbers wrong.

Instead of learning that this invasion of privacy is a bad publicity stunt, they chose to send out more of them. We got two more of them today. And they still have the wrong phone number.


  1. How did you get on their mailing list? Secret donations?

  2. Ask the people at city/town/village halls about those mailers, and the people they bring in.

    Also, it's Democrats that support voter fraud because they don't make it harder to vote. Right.

    The RGA is a sad, sad group.