Thursday, September 22, 2011

Boy, The Republicans Sure Are Getting Nervous

The pressure of Walkergate must be getting to the Republicans.  While they claim that they don't know what the whole investigation is about, they sure are showing that they don't like all the attention it's getting.

For the second day in a row, a right wing blogger has tried to smear me in an obvious effort to divert people's attention from the unfolding horror show of Walkergate.

Yesterday, Aaron Rodriguez had a hissy fit because I wasn't fighting for his job like he wanted me to.

Now it's Rick Esenberg, MU Prof, sometimes calumnist's apprentice and GOP operative.  He wrote a "How dare he" type of post, feeling that it's inappropriate for me to write about because I allegedly did it too.

Showing that I am one of the most fortunate and richest men on the planet, many of my friends took offense at Esenberg's post for me and came to my defense before I even got home.

My dear friend Tom Foley, aka Illusory Tenant, was the first to draw the line by pointing out that Esenberg was way off base.

Joining in my defense, the fearless Waukesha Wonk, aka Lisa Muxy, pointed out the shell game Esenberg was playing.  (I'm still laughing at the image of a somber but desperate Esenberg pointing and yelling "Squirrel!")

The impeccable and highly esteemed (and newly married) Emily Mills also joined in the fray, taking Esenberg's apples and oranges and making fruit salad with them.

And I would be remiss if I did not point out that the bard-like commenters John Foust and gnarlytrombone took it to Esenberg in his own yard.

While I am eternally grateful for such good friends, they didn't leave much for me to pick apart. But there are still some things that need to be addressed.

Esenberg said because I was suspended, it obviously means that I'm guilty as sin.  I'd say it's just part of a pattern for Walker and his cronies, who have also gone after Professor William Cronon and former DMV worker Chris Larsen for daring to speak truth to power.

Another point would be that whatever Esenberg thinks I did or didn't do, or whether I should have been crucified upon a cross, he would have to say the same thing about Scott Walker who admitted to doing the same thing.  Funny, I don't recall Esenberg thinking what Walker did as being so terrible. In fact, I don't recall Esenberg even saying anything.

Lastly, Esenberg might want to remember the old adage about throwing stones and glass houses since it appears that he also has an issue when it comes to doing things by the book.  Then again, a precursory glance at Esenberg's work would make it obvious that he is a strict adherent of IOOKIARDI (It's Only OK If A Republican Does It).

Oh, and Mr. Esenberg, we do know a lot more about Walkergate than you are indicating.  Just because you don't want to admit it doesn't mean that it's not real.


  1. That is really a bitter letter.
    But as I read it, it is really an encapsulation of comments I see over and over on the comment section of MJS, Cap times, Wisconsin State journal and other newspapers around the state written by Walkerites-Republicans-Tea Party folks. Walker is their hero, he saved the state from greedy teachers and union thugs is so prevalent.

    This letter goes a bit farther though. Most comment sections vile posts mention the destruction of the Capitol (it is one of their mantra's)--but I do not recall any actually suggesting for the same treatment to union members homes! Whow!!

    The letter also mentions another mantra that is frequent amongst RW vile comments--that of hoping we (state workers) now feel the financial burden of lower wages.

    In the end, Walker and his thugs such as Vos, Grothman, Fitzgeralds, et. al. have really managed to divide and instill hate in so so so many Wisconsinites.

  2. Sorry Cog Dis
    I comment should have been posted on your other story at:

  3. To even attempt to equate your situation with a FBI investigation is beyond logic. The hardest part with deciding where to prove the false logic upon which right wingers such as Esenberg base their claims is knowing where to begin.

    Way to go, you must be adding some pressure if they are sending out the dogs after you.

  4. So in other words according to Rick, because you were the subject of a trumped up investigation by the CRG tools, in the future you should shut the hell up when it comes to Walker?

    Is this what intimidation looks like?

  5. No, KR, I think the Prof is saying that Capper must emit some standard disclaimer and description of his own disciplinary incident that goes beyond what anyone can easily find in the newspaper or blogs. I think the Prof might be hinting about some sort of red embroidered 'A' for his clothing and/or a sandwich board, but I'm not sure.