Monday, September 26, 2011

I Thought Republicans Liked The Free Market...

Again, we see Scott Walker not knowing what the hell he is doing.

The same guy that has been touting how the free market will pull us out of the recessions, create jobs, make your bed, prepare your breakfast and change the oil in your car (if you haven't had to sell it to buy food), is out to do the exact opposite and make everything a single source.

We saw it when he took away medical transportation coordination from the counties and single-sourced it to one out of state company, Logisticare, which is still failing our most vulnerable citizens.

Now he wants to do the same thing with the schools' information databases with some bad results:
The plan, which still must be approved by the Joint Finance Committee, would designate one provider that all school districts statewide would have to use for their student information system services. Skyward, which provides such systems for half of the state's school districts and 80 percent of districts with business software, has applied for the project.

However, should the proposal pass and Skyward not be chosen as the sole provider, CEO Cliff King said his business will be forced to move its headquarters elsewhere, taking some 250 jobs out of Stevens Point.

The company, which employs 267 workers in Wisconsin, is projected to add 610 jobs in the state by 2021 as long as they remain a provider. Skyward also is delaying a proposed expansion in the Stevens Point area as it waits to see whether the proposal passes.
Yup, you read that right. Not only would Walker be driving 250 current jobs away, but preventing another 610 jobs from coming to an area that is starving for work.

That's leadership you can't rely on.

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