Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Of Wingers, Rhetoric and Hypocrisy

The right wing sites, including the usual suspects of the Cheddarsphere is all abuzz about what Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. allegedly said at a Labor Day Rally in Michigan.  They are jumping all over Hoffa's line of "let's take these sons of bitches out and give America back to America where we belong,:" and claiming it as an example of "union thugs" and calls for violence.

They hypocrisy of their faux outrage is breathtaking.

First off all, the spin is more than a little false. It turns out the speech they're getting their undies in a bundle about was highly edited by Faux News (no word if the final footage included palm trees).  When one looks at the entire segment of speech, Hoffa was referring to taking them out at the election box.

Secondly, if you look through the commentary of most right wing blogs, including the cited usual suspects, you'll see just as bad if not worse.

Indeed, if you look at a certain comment left at a post that Daddio29 wrote on Saturday, you would find this love note addressed to me:

The criminal investigation the troll is referring to is the political retaliation that CRG (Criminal Republican Goons) tried to do to last year, in a failed effort to get me to shut up, accusing me of blogging on county time on county computers on Labor Day, Memorial Day and other sorted time off.  This was proven to be false and they had to use falsified evidence to even get it that far.

But the best part is the You Tube link, which leads to an audio clip of a shotgun firing.  (BTW, that's the second threat that troll has left for me, but who's counting?)

An interesting aspect about Daddio leaving that death threat up is that he did remove a post from the troll which included a couple of racist slurs in it.

In a winger's depraved mind, even they have a subtle idea of right versus wrong, or at least have learned to avoid the consequences of being revealed as a racist.  Unfortunately, they haven't evolved too much since they are more concerned about the perceived threat of violence where none exist as opposed to a direct death threat, which they are absolutely comfortable with, as long as they have the Republicans Golden Rule* to fall back on.

*The Republican Golden Rule: It's Only OK If A Republican Does It (IOOKIARDI).

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  1. I'm still concerned about the concealed carry law. Not so much because people can carry, however, with threat posts like this to a shotgun firing, well, these are the people who will be carrying legally.
    Also, with Mr. Walker's use of "private security" in the past, it makes me wonder just how many circles of legally concealed-carrying super-patriot Republicans are employed.
    Pinkerton guards?

    You said it best with, "IOOKIARDI."