Thursday, September 29, 2011

Robin Vos: No Fan of Thomas Jefferson or Dale Carnegie

State Representative Robin "Bud" Vos has shown that he is a petty, little man.

Apparently heartbroken that Randy Randy "Bed" Hopper was recalled this past summer, Vos has gone beyond the pale by declaring that the ability of the people to exercise their rights by choosing their leaders and rejecting them when they abuse their power to is a "cancer."

To further his image of  a reprobate, he wants to provide "chemotherapy" to the state by removing more rights from the people.  He feels that recalls should only happen when a politician is convicted of a misdemeanor, charged with a felony or having been ruled of ethical violations by the Government Accountability Board.

The man is an idiot twice over.

First of all, as Bruce Murphy points out, the history of recalls show that this past summer was a diversion of the general rule.  Before the summer of the recalls, it had only been tried four times before.  Out of those four, only two were successful.  Murphy also goes on to make some excellent points, citing George Petak and Tom Ament, as how hypocritical the Republican stance about whether recalls should be about "policy decisions."

Apparently he doesn't like the famous quote attributed to Thomas Jefferson:
"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."
In Vos' world, he feels that if people get to uppity, the proper reaction is to act like a craven bully.

The other way Vos proves himself to be a vile creature is just the comparison to cancer.

Jeff Simpson points out that millions of people, including himself, are affected by cancer each year.  My family too has been hit by that scourge. It claimed my mother at the too young age of 55, just weeks before my marriage.  My wife is a survivor of two bouts of cancer.

I too take it personally when Vos compares the rights of a free people to something that has hurt my family so badly.  I also take offense at the fact that he feels protecting the adulterer Randy Hopper and the corrupt Dan Kapanke is more important than the lives of my loved ones.

But to show that I not a petty man like he is I am willing to sit down and talk about this with him.  We could have our own little beer summit.  I'll even further the cause of peace by bringing Vos a book of which he is in obvious and immediate need.


  1. "...
    "I am open to talk about it with anyone at any time as long as we are focused on the ideas of trying to make recalls less frequent," Vos said. "

    This statement alone makes it seem like the recall process is an ever-presence thing, like something that happens all the time!

    I gotta give props to WisEye for covering many of our committees so a person like me can watch and fully understand "discussions."

    Through the unedited straight coverage, we get the true sense of character of our representatives.

    My representative RARELY says anything, EVER, for instance. How does saying next to nothing add to a discussion?!

    And then, you have Mr. Vos.

    A question with no answer: Can a popcorn sales company be used to launder money for campaign finance?

  2. I was going to point out that TJ never said the quote that you attributed to him. But then I clicked on your link to the site which has this listed in the category of spurious quotes. Many of the fake quotes you can find on the internet are attributed to Jefferson for political reasons, both on the left and the right (but mostly the right). Best not to add to the confusion, in my humble opinion.