Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part XVIII

While Scott Walker is in New York pretending he knows about education even though he can't even spell it, the effects of his budget can be seen here in Wisconsin:
The Thermo Fisher Scientific industrial plant will cease operations by year's end, laying off 120 people, according to a letter sent to union leaders this week. 
Thermo Fisher produces steel cabinetry and steel fume hoods at the plant on Columbus Street. Another downtown plant that includes wood production and Fisher's corporate offices is not affected. 
Much of the steel production is shifting to an expanded Thermo Fisher Scientific plant in Mexico, according to Greg Coenen, senior staff representative of Carpenters Industrial Council of the Midwest. He said the company's Two Rivers workers feel "betrayed" because they agreed to concessions three years ago and had even received "promises" that the company would expand in Two Rivers.
And he thinks this is success. It's so hard to get good leadership these days.


  1. NAFTA, THANK Bill Clinton for the Great "Sucking Sound" of our jobs going to Mexico. NAFTA is responsible for this move, not Scott Walker. Solidarity needs to focus on Tax breaks for Companies to keep jobs here, also Tariffs need to be put n place for all merchandise produced somewhere else and then sold here. Both our senators H.Kohl(Demo) & R.Johnson(Rep) support the FREE (not so free) Trade to other countries. When are they going to get it.