Thursday, September 22, 2011

Van Hollen's Abdication Of Duties Continues

Usually, when a person runs for office, they do so because they feel that they can make a difference, or they want to right a wrong or some other noble reason.

Apparently, Van Hollen wanted the job of Attorney General so that he could be a more useful puppet for the GOP/Koch Brothers machine.  Or because he thought it give him a chance to show off his line of apron wear. Whatever his reasoning was to run for that office, it wasn't to uphold the law.

Two and a half years ago, the state legislature's budget committee voted unanimously to ask Van Hollen to conduct an investigation into Milwaukee County's Income Maintenance Program.  The legislators concerns stemmed from the fact that then County Executive Scott Walker was taking state and federal funding meant to run the program and illegally using them for something other than what it was meant to be used for

Van Hollen declined to do so.

Move up to a year ago, and we again find Van Hollen dropped the ball.  This time it involved Kenneth.Kratz, the disgraced former DA for Calumet County who was sexting a crime victim on whose case he was working.  Not only did it take public humiliation to have Van Hollen look at the case regarding the Republican DA, but it turned out that his office had done already done an embarrassingly lazy investigation into it before and found that there was nothing wrong, even though they didn't interview all the people or look at all the evidence.

Now it has come out that Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisolm had asked Van Hollen to work with him in the investigation into Walkergate.  They had worked together quite well a few years ago on the corruption case against Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee, getting a conviction on the thuggish politician.
But when it came to investigating fellow Republican Scott Walker, Van Hollen flatly rejected the idea again.

The article says that the reason for the rejection is unknown, but I think this video shows the reason quite clearly:

It's obvious that Van Hollen is not interested in enforcing the law, unless it gives the Republicans an edge.

It's also obvious that when the people again rise up to recall the corrupt Scott Walker, we will also need to recall the political hack Van Hollen.  The reason can be be abdication of responsibility and dereliction of duty.


  1. Not that Van Hollen has that much of a choice to do other than respectfully decline. The Money calls the shots and fuels your election coffers.

    The Money says, "You can do the job or be replaced." With someone like, oh...I don't know...Steve Biskupic?

  2. he's busy pursuing those terrorists Up North that he talked about during his campaign.

  3. JB Van Hollen has been aware for three years that the elderly in Wisconsin nursing homes are being poisoned by anti-psychotics that are not approved by the FDA for use on that population. He has also been aware that the taxpayers of this state are paying for that privilege by having these drugs be illegally billed to State Medicaid for "off label" use. Other states have sued Big Pharma for millions upon millions but not JB. He has done nothing to help prevent these deaths or get the taxpayers money back. Google Lakeland Times and Risperdal together and the series should appear. Three years and nothing. How many more have died in those three years?

  4. where did you find that picture of him in his Grand Poo-Bah of the Freemasons outfit? (I assume that's what it is). He's a disgrace and his refusal to do his job (excepting the part of his "job" that involves working to disenfranchise voters) is shameful. Recall JB Van Hollen.

  5. Agreed that Van Hollen is a hack, although I disagree with your politics in general.

    His pet project as AG has been the ICAC (internet crimes against children). While these crimes do certainly exist, he has made the public believe that it's an epidemic deserving of millions of dollars in extra funding while budgets are cut in every other area.