Friday, September 30, 2011

Because the Republicans Are Really, Really, Really Serious About Creating Jobs

Dreading his upcoming recall, Scott Walker called for yet another special session of the legislature to finally, after nearly a year, to get around passing some bills that may or may not create jobs.  Because, y'know, Walker and Cronies, Inc., are really, really, really, really, really, really serious about creating jobs.  Then again, maybe not:
The special session to get Wisconsin back to work opened briefly Thursday before going on hiatus.

Republican senators, following Gov. Scott Walker's call Wednesday for a special legislative session on job creation, convened long enough to open business, then quickly adjourned, asserting many of the nearly 30 bills Walker wants the Legislature to focus on have yet to be drafted.

The Legislature will begin work in earnest Oct. 18, running its regularly scheduled fall session concurrently with the special session.
The Republicans are so serious about creating jobs that they came to work two whole days this month, this being the second one.

So if they didn't have anything ready, why go through the pomp and circumstance of having a not-so-special special session? Walker's immunity-bearing spokesman gives us the answer (emphasis mine):
So, some have asked, what's so special about the special session, particularly because there doesn't appear to be an urgency to begin the business of debating and passing laws?

"The reason we called the special session was to highlight (the subject) and bring the legislation back on job creation," Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie told Wisconsin Reporter on Thursday.
In other words, it's part of the plan to do anything to distract everyone's attention from his failings and, even more so, from Walkergate.


  1. Do you know who is heavily funding Wisconsin Reporter? Even our local paper is questioning the validity of anything put out by this group now.

    I wonder if Wisconsin Reporter is the same as NewsMax?

  2. The misnamed Wisconsin Reporter is funded by the Sam Adams Alliance, which in turn is funded by the Koch Brothers. IOW, WR is nothing more than a propaganda machine.