Friday, September 16, 2011

How Can You Tell When Scott Walker's Lying?

His weasel lips are moving.

When asked about the FBI raiding Cindy Archer's home, Scott Walker denied knowing anything about anything regarding any of it.

I could agree that Walker is an ignorant moron, but that's about it.

First of all, Walker has a history of doing something dirty and lying about it.  For just one example, when it came out that there was a study done about the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex in relation to a woman who died while in care there, Walker refused to allow it to be released.  But then when he caught heat for it, he backpedaled and blamed the county's attorneys and the Chairman of the County Board.  

The truth was that it was the decision of Walker and the high-cost private attorney Walker hired to defend him (although not necessarily the county against the pending lawsuit).  

Regarding Cindy Archer, Walker expects the people to believe that he was not in communication with his top aid at Milwaukee County and assistant secretary at the state level at all for the past three or four years.  Walker has known Archer for decades, from when he was a state legislator.  It was this cronyism that led him to hire her in the first place.  There is no way that they haven't been talking.

Remember this as well when more stuff comes out about Tim Russell (and trust me, a helluva lot more is coming out about him).  Walker and Russell have been very close and very special friends for more than two decades.  They've been known to spend a lot of time together and have taken trips together.  Russell has worked each and every one of Walker's campaigns, whether or not he was working for Milwaukee County at the time.  Walker has given Russell jobs with the county between (and during) his campaigns.  And not just any job, but high paying administrative jobs, even though Russell continuously proved himself to not know what he was doing.

It would be laughable for Walker to even consider telling people that he didn't know of all the skulduggery Russell was doing.  After all, Russell was the one caught on film doing campaign work during Walker's bike ride last year.  Did Walker not notice this?  Is he that oblivious? Then he's not fit to tie his own shoes, much less govern a state.

The only that comes close to being as sickening the way Walker shamelessly lies is the way the media laps it up without challenging him.


  1. He had BETTER hope that they are really, REALLY good friends, as only the BEST of besties would be willing to do a few extra years in the clink for a pal.

  2. Capper, terrific reporting, as per usual.

    The latest revelations about the dilapidated state of the War Memorial are another reminder that Gov. Walker cannibalized Milwaukee County to grease his 8-year campaign for the Governor's mansion. Privatize profits for the Koch brothers with tax cuts, socialize losses and risk onto the taxpayers.

  3. Cindy Archer seems happy to be interviewed by anyone who drops by her house. Why hasn't anyone asked about the nature of her medical leave? After all she doesn't look sick and we had to make sure we punished teachers who weren't sick when they called in last winter during the protests. She's defrauding the state, pure and simple, and thus far has grossed at least $8250 doing it.

  4. if walker really doesn't know anything, and there are allegations of wrongdoing by those under him, is there anything to stop him from looking into the matter so that he would know something? by the way, jess, i think archer was calling it a family leave, rather than one related to her own medical condition.

  5. of course, walker looking into it might be like o.j.'s search for the real killers.

  6. Jess, that is an excellent point!