Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part XIII

Not only is Scott Walker's budget costing Wisconsin jobs now, but businesses don't see it improving one dang bit:
Layoffs could be coming to Manitowoc Crane in the next two months.

Tom Musial is Manitowoc Company’s senior vice president for human resources. He says company officials expect certain changes due to the prolonged economic downturn.

Musial says Crane management has met with employees to discuss the possibility of layoffs. He says the exact number of cuts hasn’t been determined.
On the bright side, if you could call it that, is there will be a lot of people with too much free time when the recall of Walker starts.

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  1. Ever wonder if Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce is working behind the scenes, like at Manitowoc Crane? Like, let's say we had a big investor that wanted to open a big mine operation up north, well..., they might need a crane? Well, look who's in office who will help the big investor chop away at regulations to get this operation started....