Saturday, September 10, 2011

Paul Ryan Is A Disgusting Boor

Paul Ryan also one of his constituents a public apology. Watch this video as he has a 71 year old man thrown to the ground and arrested, then jokes about medication which he would make inaccessible with his cuts to Medicaid and Medicare: This poor senior citizen is obviously scared for his life and is angry at Paul Ryan for being the one that is threatening it with his proposal of irresponsible and draconian cuts.

 For Ryan to not only have him arrested but then to joke about the poor treatment the man receives is simply inexcusably boorish behavior. Ryan needs to make a public apology for his behavior. Nothing less will suffice.

 And whether Ryan tries to defend his current seat or gets picked to run for Vice-President, which he is hoping for, I hope that the Democrats use this footage to saturate the airwaves so that people know how putrid the real Paul Ryan is.

 POSTSCRIPT: I also don't want to hear any complaints from the right wingers about the people protesting Ryan or Scott Walker or any of these other bullying miscreants. They lost that right when they cheered on the teahadists who were doing the same thing to Russ Feingold last year.

H/T Mal Contends


  1. Although I abhor the physical roughness that the police used, I prefer that they react swiftly to remove people who disrupt public meetings and deprive me of my right to listen to the speakers. This is in contrast to the Madison police, who stood by while miscreants trashed the capitol, and broke in thru the windows. This guy's sudden outburst was akin to shouting "fire" in a crowded room, it cannot be tolerated. Also, don't compare appropriate, and successful, efforts to rid WI of Feingold, to liberal protests. We didn't disrupt the Special Olympics, nor the State Fair opening, nor Messmer HS. Liberals are a disgrace, and rightfully have become pariahs in WI and nationally. May it ever be so.

  2. Paul Ryan shouldn't worry about THAT guys blood pressure going up, mine is going up after his elitist humor statement.

    Sure, the guy was very disruptive, but he's got a valid point about he, as well as generations of Americans, paying into the system. Paying it forward. And this corporate-tool Ryan obviously isn't going to even work to even discuss some fixing. Tweaking, modernizing. NOPE, Paul Ryan has all the answers it seems...

    I have to question why there were SO many police on hand at a Rotary meeting?
    Unless that guy was resisting removal, or possibly causing harm to those police officers or others, I have to question WHY the guy was on the ground, as well as WHY cuffs were even really needed? Or if these were even real officers...

    This guy's outburst is nothing like "fire" in a crowded room, he is one of many people who are going to have to speak louder to have their voice heard.

    Paul Ryan only listens to the people with the good wine, and in this case, the Rotary buffet probably wasn't half bad either.

  3. Anonymous just doesn't get, he may think that loud outbursts in public settings are appropriate, but in the real world outside of liberalville. it is not. I guarantee you that in my home town, if you walk about public streets or parks, yelling about anything, you are going to answer to the police, and rightly so. I do object to how rough the police were with the gentleman, but keep in mind, police are union goons that we give guns to. No court in the land will condemn them for roughing up agitators who yell things in public or private settings. As far as Anon. statement about speaking louder to be heard, we did hear you, in the 2010 elections, in the Prosser race, and in the recalls. We heard you, but you lost. More yelling simply reinforces WI citizen's opinion that you're immature and childish. Please stop the song and dance about elitism, it is the American way to work and pursue happiness. Perhaps if you had chosen a different career path, you also would be wealthy, and enjoy the benefits of same.

  4. I am middle class, and well in the $100K household range.

    Why do you assume I'm liberal or poor?

    I hope the conservatives can take away the vote of women, though. Just think of how much better it would be if women would just keep their mouths shut.

  5. This fellow would the real "Joe the plumber," except unlike the Tea Party "Joe," this guy actually paid his taxes and won't get a little loving from the elites by way of tour-bus-bourne spontaneous shows.

  6. Well said clemster.

    p.s I hear many Wisconsin metro bus drivers are making $100+ anony. Salary does not equal class my friend. Shouting down speakers at a public meeting shows class though, all of it low.

  7. I'd give Clemster or TerryN more credit if I thought for a minute they said the same thing when the teahadists presented the same behaviors at Russ Feingold's free town hall meetings. But since I don't believe that, all I can say is "Meh."