Sunday, September 18, 2011


While speaking with a friend earlier today, he made an interesting point regarding the Vos beer dumping incident last week.

Robin Vos of Rochester, Scott Suder of Abbotsford and John Nygren of Marinette were sitting in a bar in Madison on Wednesday evening when some knucklehead decided to make a scene and dump a beer on Vos' head.  The boor was cited for disorderly conduct, which is apparently the catch all crime category for wasting beer.

My friend pointed out that the state legislators worked only one day this month, which was the day before the incident.

So what were these three doing in Madison, when they should have been in their home districts? If they had been, Vos would have been safe.

Another question is did they collect a per diem for a day when they weren't working?  Where the heck are the teahadists? Sleeping?

Don't expect the MacGuyver Institute for the Criminally Irresponsible to cover this. They're too busy trying to lay down a smoke screen for Walkergate.

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