Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where's Cindy Archer's Medical Slip?

Cindy Archer, one of Scott Walker's top cronies and the subject of an FBI raid on her home as Walkergate continues to unfold, is currently on medical leave from her new state job:
Archer, 52, until recently was deputy administration secretary to the Republican governor. She now holds a different state job but is on paid sick leave, records show.

Her sick leave started Aug. 22 - the first day she was to have been on the job as legislative liaison in the Department of Children and Families. Originally, she was to return this coming Monday, but her medical leave has been extended.
One of my readers left a most excellent point and question regarding this factoid:
Cindy Archer seems happy to be interviewed by anyone who drops by her house. Why hasn't anyone asked about the nature of her medical leave? After all she doesn't look sick and we had to make sure we punished teachers who weren't sick when they called in last winter during the protests. She's defrauding the state, pure and simple, and thus far has grossed at least $8250 doing it.
So, where is Cindy Archer's doctor's slip? If the teacher's had to show theirs, Archer should bloody well have to as well!

And why isn't the MacIver Institute of the Wisconsin Reporter delving into that? Or doesn't that fit into their dishonest propagandist agenda?


  1. "What's good for the goose, is good for the gander."

  2. Very good point. Please keep on this, and I hope that other bloggers get on this, too.

    Then the question just might surface in the other media (with no credit to blogs, of course).

  3. Umm, how do you she didn't give it to her employer?
    And teachers were not required to make their medical/doctor excuses public, so why the double standard.
    And of course, there is HIPPA.

  4. Nope, they made the teachers' excuses public. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Or if you'd rather, we could go after MacIver for violating HIPAA.