Thursday, September 15, 2011

One Good Thing About Governor Walker.... that a man can take a day or two off to go up north, cut the grass, winterize the castle and just relax and know that when he comes back, nothing unseemly will have happe...HOLY CRAP!!!


  1. Thank capper. I'm still in shock. I had no clue the FBI (FlipBeforeIncarceration) was involved. I found Ms. Archer's comments today very interesting. She says she doesn't need representation. My concern was that the appearance was that her "representation" was more interested in protecting Gov. Walker than in looking out for her interests.

  2. John, the FBI were probably only executing a warrant for the John Doe in Milwaukee County.

    Ms. Archer says a lot of things. We can only wait until we learn the results, whenever that day may come.

  3. As I understand it one of Scottie's political operatives was being paid as the supposed head of the Milwaukee County Housing Department, which would have almost certainly received Federal funds. If any part of that person's salary or the salary of underlings doing political work was paid out of Federal dollars their actions are of interest to the Feds as well, theft of public services. Thus the net can be thrown widely. Steve Bikupic should be very aware of this.

    One more possibility that must be giving Walker nightmares: if the FBI is executing search warrants what is to say they aren't doing electronic eavesdropping as well? Getting a warrant to wiretap and hack email is about as easy as buying a glass of Miller Lite, thanks to the Patriot Act and other Bush era police state measures. Think East Germany.

    Scottie may want to start buying burner cell phones by the carton.

  4. Gareth-

    Indeed, Tim Russell, who appears to be one of the main targets of the John Doe, was the head of the Housing Division for MKE County. Word is he also ran two computers in his office and that he is a person of interest regarding the misappropriation of federal funds, i.e. giving it to Walker cronies who have real estate licenses.