Sunday, June 17, 2012

Birdbrains Of A Feather Squawk Together

The ethically-challenged Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan is at it again.

Just after his umpteenth consecutive incident of embarrassing himself about the proposed streetcar, he comes back for another round, this time trying to recruit the 70% of Milwaukee citizens he thinks doesn't like the proposed streetcar and is also as moronic as he is not to realize that the money can't be used on road repairs, per the federal guidelines.  He wants to flood the streets with signature gatherers for a petition to have a referendum on the streetcar.

Not surprisingly, Chris Kliesmet of the misnamed Citizens for Responsible Government has sounded off to support Donovan's Don Quixote imitation.  It's not at all surprising since CRG is as ethically-challenged as Donovan.  Kliesment likes the idea of feeding at the government trough, even though his group apparently doesn't like to pay their taxes to keep said trough full.

What is surprising is that Kliesmet hasn't sounded off on the whole Walkergate investigation.  You would think that the head of a group that claims to be the watchdog for government spending would be screaming about corrupt politicians using taxpayer dollars to do their campaigning.

What do you suppose it is that would keep a guy so vigilant about every tax dollar that he would go as far as making things up about public workers from saying something about actual misuse of taxpayer money?  It's almost as if he doesn't want to draw attention to it...


  1. Sorry---everyone. Donovan, unfortunately, is my alderman. I tried to vote him out. Please forgive me.


  2. It's the definition of Typublicrite. Typical Republican Hypocrite.

  3. I worked very hard to get him out, but our team only got 40%. Still, his grip on this district is slipping...