Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vagina's in Michigan

Michigan state Rep. Lisa Brown (D) was recently blocked from speaking on the House floor in an apparent attempt to punish her for using the word "vagina" on Wednesday during a debate on legislation on reproductive rights.  

One thing that I believe that the Wisconsin protests have brought us is the ability of common people to come together in solidarity and protest when the time is right.  It was right in Wisconsin last year and it was right in Michigan this week.  As the movie said, screw over the American people and they will come.   In Michigan in came Eve Ensler!

H/T Think Progress:

To fight back against being silenced for saying “vagina” during the debate, Brown participated in a reading of “The Vagina Monologues” at the Michigan capitol yesterday along with Byrum and Eve Ensler, who wrote the play. An estimated 5,000 people gathered for the reading.

After the Vagina Monologues were  completed Eve Ensler gave a quick speech:

Here they discuss their day with Lawrence O'Donnell:

Finally, here is singer and comedian Lisa Koch, with her own take on how the republicans have treated women these past couple of years:


  1. Capper, thanks for posting all of this. I've noticed on my twitter feed that this is happening on both sides of the Atlantic not to mention the various states here. It is concerted, coordinated; ALEC, the Kochs, the Birchers and all the other scum are behind this. They are crafting legislation for the same ends in our state. Even at the federal level when the renewal of VAWA came up and Congress had those proposing to redefine a rape victim as someone who fought back and sustained injuries ONLY. It is going to take the good men, men like you and our brothers and fathers to stand with us, to be the true protectors of life. Those who are truly pro-life must first protect women. How does a man protect a woman? First by listening to what she says, what she asks, BY RESPECT. If one can't respect women, they have no claim on being a respecter of life. In the meantime, we the life bearers will do what we have always done. The best we can with or without a man or many men's help. We won't, we can't stop whether men want to join us or not. Thank you for being one of the men who uphold and honor women.

  2. Those guys silenced her because they have a mandate to have a man date.