Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Brilliant Walker Aide

Ashlee Moore (@ashleestarin on teh Twitter) is a real up and comer in Scott Walker's administration.

She started as one of his paid trolls.  Then using her wits and her ladylike demeanor, she moved on up to being his chauffeur.  She was then rewarded with a cushy state job in the Walker administration, becoming what she most hated, an overpaid government bureaucrat.

I'm sure that Ms. Moore is about to move on to even bigger and better things, like maybe spokeswoman or Deputy Chief of Staff.  That is especially true when she show such brilliance as she does in this tweet:

Heck, she's so good that I bet Walker has her already hooked up to the secret router in the governor's office.

I just wonder if she's met John Doe yet?


  1. Of all Walker's faults, his HR abilities might be his biggest!

  2. He does seem to like the mean girls, doesn't he?

  3. The blog troll has now advanced to a status of:

    Office of the Governor, Key Professional Staff - Assistant Legislative Director. That apparently as of 10/17/2011.


  4. All of Walker's cronies should realise that any time they make a phone call or send an email the FBI is observing them. Think Blago. This also applies the lobby shops across the street from the Capitol that Walker has been using as cut-outs. Orange jumpsuits are available for everyone. One size fits all.