Thursday, June 28, 2012

You Mad, Bro?

For one of the more extreme reactions to the ruling allowing everyone to have Affordable Healthcare, one has to go no further than our own Polk County GOP:

C'mon, people. Allowing poor people to get affordable health care insurance isn't the end of the world.

Or is that Republicans really hate it when people get more rights instead of less?


  1. U stole my meme :\

  2. If you travel on highway 63 (going north from Baldwin), there is a rather nice rural Polk county house proudly flying the stars and bars. Tall flag pole, large size, you can't miss it.

  3. I love seeing all the Tea Bagger foam and spittle flying over a health insurance reform law that was originally written by the Heritage Institute, which is as everyone knows a renowned Muslim Socialist Nazi Communist Gay organization.

  4. What dictator? Congress legally enacted the law, which wasn't actually written by Obama, only guided by his comments. Then, constitutionally, he signed it into law. Some "dictatorship."

  5. Then the Supreme Court said it was constitutional, but these right wingers like the one tweeting are so easily mislead by propaganda that they think Obama is a dictator. Why don't we hear them complaining about the drones? Why don't they complain about voter ID? It doesn't make sense.

  6. More "rights". What do you mean by that?

    Are you saying a person has the right to demand any medical procedure?

    Are you saying that a person has the right to demand the labor of others to perform those procedures?

    Are you saying a person has the right to demand medical supplies produced by others?

    How about the people who changed the beds and clean the rooms in hospitals? Are you saying a person has the right to demand their services?

    What do you mean by "rights"?

    1. The right to affordable health care. The right to be treated equally. Basic human rights. I realize that these are probably foreign concepts to you, so you might want to study up.

    2. Carl M., when you say "rights," do you apply that logic to driving an automobile and using a road?

      Is it your "right" to drive on that street?

      Is it your "right" to demand smooth, safe, convenient roads?

      And who are you, Carl M., to demand those workers who make the roads do what they do?

      What you don't realize Carl M., is that you pay for what is essentially your "right" to drive on the roads.

      Have you ever complained about having to pay for these Government (Public) Roads?

      Carl M., a question:

      What is the mark-up on healthcare services?

      If I were to go in, seeking repair on my arm, what will I pay?

    3. Carl? Carl?