Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Walker Budget Keeps On Working! Part XCVII

Kraft is the company that keeps on giving...pink slips. Just the other day, I wrote about how Kraft is laying off over 100 workers in Waupaca. Well, I missed the story where they are laying off another 30 workers from Madison and shipping those jobs to Illinois:
Kraft Foods will move another 30 jobs out of Madison as part of the Northfield, Ill., company's plan to split into two separate companies later this year.

The jobs are in the Kraft Foods transportation department, which manages the fleet of trucks that deliver Kraft products to stores nationwide. "The department determines where the trucks will be loaded, the routes they will take, as well as when, and where they'll drop off their cargo," Kraft spokeswoman Sydney Lindner said.

Of 120 positions in that department, about 90 employees will stay in Madison with the North American grocery business, which will include Madison-based Oscar Mayer.

Thirty will be shifted to Wilkes-Barre, Pa., where the new snacks company, Mondelez International, will house many of its business services, Lindner said Thursday.

Qualified employees in the transportation group who want to move to Wilkes-Barre will be able to get relocation packages. Others, whose positions are eliminated, can apply for other jobs with Kraft in Madison. Workers who wind up without a job at either location will get severance benefits, including pay based on years of service and continued medical coverage. Their positions will end in the first half of 2013, Lindner said.

In January, Kraft said it will cut 12 positions in Madison as part of a reduction of 1,600 employees throughout North America. Oscar Mayer headquarters and one of two management centers for the grocery business will stay here when the company splits. No date has been announced yet.
Yes, that is the same Illinois that Scott Walker loves to take kicks at. It is also the same Illinois that has been kicking the crap out of Walker economically and in job creation.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Walker is the best thing that ever happened to Illinois.


  1. The article clearly states that the jobs will be stationed in Wilke-Barr, PA, not Illinois. Are you illiterate?

    1. Oh well, that's ok then. As long as the jobs aren't going to IL, it's ok that we're loosing them here, I guess.

  2. hahahaha. It has to get worse before some people will get it.