Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm Sure It's All Legitimate...

Cory Liebmann at Eye On Wisconsin obtained the calendars for two of Scott Walker's cabinet members, Dennis Smith and Cathy Stepp.  They are quite the interesting reads.

I'm sure all the activities listed are legitimate, such as Dennis Smith meeting with the MacIver Institute.  Just because MacIver's mouthpiece, Brian Fraley, "served as the Senior Vice President for State Affairs at America's Health Insurance Plans in Washington, D.C. Fraley was also the national Health and Human Services Task Force Private Sector Chairman for the American Legislative Exchange Council," there's no reason to think that there was anything inappropriate going on.

And the fact the Stepp was meeting with campaign contributors is merely coincidental.

After all, it's not like Walker is under investigation for illegal politicking or running a campaign from his office, right?  And there's nothing to make one think that Walker would practice in pay-to-play activities, right?

Yeah, it's all legit. Just like the way Walker created all those jobs, right? Oh, crap.

I guess he figures that if he is going to be in trouble, he might as well go all the way and take as many down with him as he can.


  1. Does any government business get done in a Walker administration? Or is it just one big campaign all the time?

  2. The Oregon land fraud scandal from 1908 may prove that history repeats itself.