Saturday, June 23, 2012

Guns Don't Kill People...

Extreme Right Wing Gun Nuts Do!!!!!

In Arizona, J.T. Ready,  a right wing neo-Nazi extremist, strapped on the body armor and guns and went out and gunned down four people.  While the NRA and the republican party would have you believe that this is just some random nut, but there is so much more to J.T. Ready than they like to let out.   First of all he was running for Pinal County Sheriff at the time.   Ready had a long interest in politics and like all people who do,  he had a hero he modeled himself after and that hero was Arizona republican Russell Pearce. 

In case you were wondering how you have heard the name Russell Pearce before, he was also the author of the racist and controversial  SB1070 immigration bill. So this crazy loon snapped, grabbed some gun and went out and used them.   By the way, some other background during his shooting spree a  toddler died.

Now let's bring this to Wisconsin and how it effects you. Ever since the republicans, during their jobs session, passed one of the least restrictive concealed carry laws in the US,  firearm purchases are  at an all time high.
Americans are arming themselves like never before, and Wisconsin is smack in the center of the trend. 
Firearms-related businesses in the state say they are hard-pressed to meet demand, which they say is being generated by factors ranging from Wisconsin's concealed carry law to presidential politics.

"It's incredible," said Steve Lauer, owner of Lauer Custom Weaponry, a manufacturer of firearms, firearm coatings and accessories in Chippewa Falls. "We can hardly keep up."

Precise figures on firearms sales don't exist. But based on the number of calls made to the FBI and Wisconsin Department of Justice for background checks related to firearms purchases, more guns are being sold this year than ever.

The number of calls to Wisconsin's handgun hotline set a record in February, with nearly 16,000 calls. So far this year, the hotline has handled more than 53,000 calls. That's on pace to far eclipse 2011, when the hotline handled just shy of 90,000 calls for the full year.
People in Wisconsin can not get guns fast enough.  The republicans are responsible for arming our population and now we will see where that leads us.   The one thing we know is that they  will take the accolades but none of the blames.    We saw this in action when an unarmed Bo Morrison was gunned down in Slinger.   We all know it will not stop there,  We have right wing hate groups, who the Bush administration itself labeled as domestic terrorists, in Wisconsin now legally armed.

There was a tremendous amount of violence and intimidation, during the last 18 months directed at people who disagree with the far right and  Governor Scott Walker.  Let's also not forgot the closest parallel  case we have here in WI, the case of Phil Dziki.

Of course our politicians are the adults in the room and exulting calmness and calling on their followers to do the same right??

So now we have a very enthusiastically armed populace, an angry  electorate and a group of politicians who will play into that fear as much as thy possibly can.   You do the math!  


  1. So, how many people have been convicted of abusing the concealed carry law in Wisconsin so far?
    How many people have used the concealed law to protect people so far. I would bet a dollar to donuts more people have used carry concealed to protect someone than have been convicted of a law abusing concealed

    1. Well, we'll never know since the gun nuts don't want the public to know who has a license and who doesn't. Makes it seem like a cover up, doesn't it?

    2. The problem is the data is skewed as they avoid counting any gun deaths as part of the CC law or theCastle Doctrine...however Bo morrison would disagree if he were alive.

    3. Trust me, when a concealed carry guy/lady screws up, it will be known.
      Only paranoid people believe in cover ups like this because who would cover it up? The cops? The DA? The newspaper? What would the benefit be for those people/organizations to cover it up?
      And to Jeff, there is a big difference between concealed carry and the Castle doctrine. Just plain stupidity to combine or to even think the two are the same.

    4. Only paranoid people believe in cover ups like this because who would cover it up?

      That is one of the most idiotic statements you've ever made, and that's saying something.

    5. Dan,

      1. there are numerous stories of people being stupid with their gun that never get tagged onto CCW. A few months ago someone dropped their gun in a barbershop it went off and shot someone. While the guy was an idiot, that is the kind of stats that need to go into CCW statistics and never do.

      2. I would seperate CCW and castle Doctrine if the politicians would since they seem incapable of passing one without the other. Its their MO...Pass CCW then pass Castel doctrine to make sure no one is ever held accountable for the way they use their gun.

  2. One would think a public list would be available for carrying people.

    As an employer (a "job creator"), I would like to know if my employees are hiding something that could do me harm, or others. Intentionally, or not. Face it, the agency responsible for issuing permits is hugely understaffed, and it's in the paper that they need more people.

    Simply put, I have a hunters safety course certificate from another state, and that was the only time I ever shot anything: guess what? I paid the cash and I got a permit.

    It's the individuals who don't have a lot of experience that might just cause an accident.

    Like a permit level teen driver texting when someone lets them have the car, there are plenty of people out there who now have their own personal law enforcement tool, and they are their own Judge, Jury, and Executioner, if they feel threatened.

    And to say nothing of other people in households, such as these concealed carrying peoples kids.

    Kids watch the grown ups, and if the grown ups are strapping, those kids are gonna start strapping.

    Or, at worst, being kids. Like getting into the 'rents stash of alcohol, or weed...., let's play with mommies mini-pistol with laser dot.

    But simply, there's more weapons now. Police will arm up more. The public funds this, too.

    Republicans never look past the one issue. Like their public relations press companies "news", their thought is narrow, and they are in control.

  3. Of course only the facts presented by the left wing extremist here are accurate any other facts are just skewed typical dishonesty from anti gun nuts

    1. You apparently disagree, but offer nothing of substance to refute it. Sorry, it's not a very cogent argument you present.

  4. An employer has a right to know of you are carrying a weapon onto their property. As an employee they are responsible for the safety of those who work there. Any employee found to be in possession of a weapon will be terminated and loose any and all accrued benefits.

    1. Not entirely true.

      The company has to have a weapons policy or something in a handbook, or posted within a specified place for the employer to have any recourse against employees having weapons on themselves or on premise.

      It's very much like how you see the "no weapons allowed" signs posted in so many places now.

      It has to be.

      But here's a fun catch; say an employee leaves their weapon (whatever it may be) in their locked vehicle, since an employer does not allow it inside. Then, say someone breaks into that vehicle and uses said weapon in a crime (whatever it may be), that employer is going to get sued since by their policy, it forced a weapon out of control of a permitted carrier.

      It is so wild the amount of ways the lawyers can swing this now.

    2. I don't believe that is a correct statement. If the employee brought his weapon to his job site knowing that there is a no gun policy and he'd have to leave it in the car, that's his responsibility.

      All the employer has to do is have the employee sign acknowledgement of being aware of the policy and the employer is covered.

  5. Vicki Mckenna was checking the recall signatures for recently convicted criminals names. She says most cases she was able to find them, and confirm the signatures by using addresses.
    Now If I thought like Capper I would come to the conclusion that signing the recalls has made criminals of these previously law abiding citizens. You know, just like an armed law abiding citizen is more likely to become a criminal or shoot an "innocent" bystander because they are allowed to arm themselves.
    Seems you are desperate to find reasons to find flaws in this, and any of Walkers agenda.
    The south side of Chicago is anti gun (one of the last places in the US that only criminals have guns), probably a safer place for you to hang out this weekend than with the soon to be criminals that signed the recall in Madison.

    1. Can you provide Vicki Mckenna's findings, where I can go verify these myself?

      Or, do you just take her for her word?

      Actually, why don't you, Mr. IMBR, simply take her findings, and cut and paste those right below me.

      Seriously, do it, or you look like a sockpuppet of the Vicki Mckenna show.

      But, you probably work there for all we know. How's that hand up your a

    2. Oh, I misread, "...for recently convicted criminals ...."

      Ah, now, when you post Vicki's findings for us all, you need to provide what the convictions were for.

      Speeding tickets? Parking tickets?

      Now get on it!

    3. What the heck, Mr. IMBR, you've been online?

      No follow up?

      You got no easy "cut and paste" names to provide us here, courtesy Vicki Mckenna?

      Or do you just come in here as part of your daily astro-turfing duty?

    4. I was pointing out the flaw in her assumption that their misdeeds were somehow in relation to their signing of the recall.
      And in the same way I think to assume because law abiding people are carrying weapons that we are unsafe is flawed ideology.
      I am a contractor in the construction trades. Who by the way, hired a teacher for summer employment. He promises to convince me global warming is man made this summer.
      Vicki makes some good points but she doesnt forget to be entertaining at times.

    5. Construction trades have some of the most overpriced bunch of hicks around.

      No wonder you dig Walker. You lived high on the hog, and when it washed, you didn't like it.

      Which is another reason for stronger wealth control to slow the bubbles.

      And what the heck, I thought the economy was crap, and here you go and hire someone. What the heck, I thought business was SOOOOOOO bad that you, the middle class person, was literally eating shoe leather every night.

      Man, I was actually worried about my fellow middle class. And here you can't keep up with work and need to hire summer help?

      Wait a minute, shouldn't you be working RIGHT NOW? Wouldn't that be more profitable than astro-turfing? You wouldn't have to pay someone, all profit for you!

      Or is this the common construction trade payment of "under the table" that you are so graciously paying now?

      You wonder why budgets are broke, super-patriots that don't pay taxes, maybe? That crap only goes so far, but I bet you do that. I bet you do.

      The Great Lakes are warming.
      Explain why.

      They must be absorbing more heat? But has the sun gotten warmer?

      Maybe something is stopping the heat from escaping that thin blue haze up there, causing the Great Lakes, and ocean's to absorb it?

      Is it man-made?

      Who cares?

      Should I care about how much the oceans can absorb?

      Vicki Mckenna is an entertainer, then? Does she "entertain" us by hating on Muslims? Jews? Blacks?

    6. Oh, and what the heck, Mr. IMBR.

      Why is John Menard a billionaire and you are not?

      Is he just smarter than you or something?

    7. I would say that anyone who signed the recall petitions participated in democracy to the fullest. I would say however that the people who did sign and then have been harrassed by the Veirfy the recall people probably need CCW more than most.

  6. Wow, your really angry.
    Notice how I took the time to put a name to my posts? Your right, the bubble treated me well. there is still work, only now, the "overpriced hicks" are being weeded out and the good contractors will remain. I dont hire nearly as much seasonal help as I used to. And yes, the highschool teacher asked to be paid in cash. I replied no, you can pay your own taxes, thank you.
    What brought us out of the last ice age? Burning coal? CFCs? I hope the teacher has some better points than you do.
    If you want to compare hate? Try listening to sly in Madison. He's available weekday mornings via wtdy's app. Then tell me who spreads hate.

    Now, you tell me what you do for a living. I promise I wont lead with an insult like you did.
    I have worked for people like John Menard, I found that they are uber successful because they are obsessed with working. Its their life, you wont see golf clubs or motorcycles in their garage. But for them its not work, its what they love to do. Me?, I like what I do, but also enjoy my free time. I still think I am as happy as a 1 percenter. Happiness is not about having more, its about wanting what you have.

    1. John Menard has a lot of stuff in his garage.

      John Menard also buys up all the land anywhere his competition might come in.

      And he's an uber dick.

      The hicks are getting getting weeded out, but they definitely left enough repair work for you.

      If your happy as a 1%'ers is, I think that is great.

      You keep less of your total percentage of money, than those real 1%'ers. They get to keep it all.

      I'll bet you pay more in taxes than John Menard. I know you paid more than Hendricks.

      Apparently I'm just a bed-wetting liberal hippie commie socialist union thug boss entitlement-class leach lefty tree-hugging sub-human-species worker.

      And you already have insulted what I do several times over here on this blog and other places.

      Here's a fun experiment for global warming, just looking at the water aspect. Forget "man made" or whatever cause you believe.

      Put a pot of water on a low heat source, and pack a huge chunk of ice in it. Add a thermometer.

      Now, pick out increments of time, and graph these out.

      There is a tipping scale where even after the ice is ALL gone from a constant heat, where the water temperature exponentially rises.

      We have oceans on earth, that is the water. We have ice on earth. We have ocean currents.

      The ice is melting.

      I don't care about the cause. It's happening. What's the tipping point, and will it matter to you?

  7. Do you know John Menard? I dont, but I have known a couple of CEO's over the years. Nice people, but they are never passionate about much other than their job.

    I dont hate anybody because they dont pay enough tax. If you considered what he pays in property tax (company wide), payroll taxes, you know the employers 7% of the social security tax that his company pays as well as all the taxes he has paid to get himself to this point, he doesn't owe anybody anything. Throw your stones after you've paid as much as him. the only extra thing he gets for all that paying is hated for not paying more.

    I guess you are intent on insulting yourself. I'm sorry that you can't be proud of your profession. Its possible I did insult your profession at some point, but I would never direct that type of comment to a single person. But apparently this is personal for you. It might be time to double up on those meds.

    My point on global warming is that there used to be a mile of ice above your head. It all melted. Without the aid of my diesel truck. The temperatures haven't risen like predicted in the last decade.
    What interests me, is that people who are not religious are typically the ones who believe in global warming. Maybe not believing in a higher power leads one to believe that we are in control of everything around us. Kind of re-in-forces a human need to believe in a higher cause, whether it be religion or global warming. How many people believe in both?

    some recent news for you:

    1. "stronger wealth control" care to elaborate on that a bit?

    2. And I quote IMBR:

      Its possible I did insult your profession at some point, but I would never direct that type of comment to a single person.

      It might be time to double up on those meds.

      Hmm. I can't tell if you're a liar or just a hypocrite.

    3. You've accused me of both. But I expect that when you run out of ways to back up your theories.
      From your latest post: "you don’t care about the concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ " remind you of anybody's stance on the implication of Walker in the John Doe investigation?

    4. This isn't my post, so I have nothing to defend.

      As for Walkergate, I have been saying he is going to face trial, not that he is guilty. I'm fully aware that the Kochs could buy him a pass on the charges.

      Honesty really is a problem for you, isn't it?

  8. Is it strange how Polaris was going to shut down things in Osceola, and then now they are adding jobs. (perfect opportunity for job numbers and politician pictures...)

    Did a certain board member's retirement have anything to do with that?