Thursday, June 14, 2012

David Prosser is A Disgrace

We all remember what happened last year with David Prosser and the Wisconsin Supreme Court.   They were deciding whether ACT 10 was constitutional, and the Fitzgerald brothers put out the word that the Supreme Court had better decide that day.  Justice David " Ike Turner" Prosser, took the warning from the Fitzgeralds and acted on it.  When he was not getting fast enough results to please the Fitzgerald's he took matters (and Justice Ann Walsh Bradley's neck) into his own hands.   After choking a fellow justice and throwing a conniption fit, he was able to get a vote and it broke down party lines, thus allowing ACT 10 to stand.  

You would think that choking a co-worker and threating to ruin your boss, would be the end of someone's job.   The problem is violence against women in today's republican party makes you a folk hero.   Christian Schneider himself threw the last shreds of integrity and dignity out the door, when he wrote a fiction peice trying so very hard(and failing) to defend David Prosser and his attack on women.  In the end while he was of course never charged, Justice Prosser was far from vindicated!

Now, thanks to some new documents being released, we find out just how incredibly immoral and vile human being David Prosser actually is.   

The state Judicial Commission voted unanimously to pursue a misconduct complaint against state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser but later deadlocked on a decision to reconsider the complaint, according to rarely seen internal records of the investigation released Wednesday.

Members split over whether to drop the case after Prosser's attorney argued the Supreme Court would be unlikely to hear the case since most of the justices witnessed or participated in the incident that prompted the investigation, a physical altercation between Prosser and Justice Ann Walsh Bradley.
OK, so it was a unanimous decision to pursue official misconduct charges against David Prosser for physically attacking his female co worker( amongst other things).   Yet he was able to legally maneuver out of it(so far).  We can not have a republican owning up to their responsibilities now can we?  Then they delved deeper into his attack on Justice Bradley:

Under the law, Judicial Commission investigative records are confidential unless the target of the investigation requests that they be open. Prosser and media outlets including the Wisconsin State Journal had requested access to the documents after Prosser alleged the commission was biased and unfair.

Prosser is defending himself against a commission complaint filed with the Supreme Court alleging his actions in the June 13, 2011, altercation violated rules requiring that judges cooperate with other judges, be patient, dignified and courteous and that they establish and maintain high standards of conduct.

In that incident, Prosser says that Bradley charged at him with her fists clenched and that he put his hands up in reflex, touching her neck. Bradley says Prosser put her in a "chokehold" after she ordered him to leave her office.
David Prosser ever the victim,  it was all her fault he was only defending himself.  I wonder how well he gets along with Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson?

In a transcript of their Dec. 16 meeting with Prosser, commission members also focused on the justice's actions in a previous incident in which he called Abrahamson a "total bitch" and threatened to "destroy" her. Commission members later voted not to file a charge based on that Feb. 10, 2010, incident but mentioned it as supporting information in the complaint.

Prosser explained the earlier incident to commissioners by saying that the chief justice had for years been seeking to "destroy" or "emasculate" him by recruiting candidates to run against him and allegedly upstaging him at ceremonial events.

Prosser also told the commission he believes the Code of Judicial Conduct does not apply to justices meeting in closed session. By allowing the commission oversight over such meetings, "you are assuming an enormous power, and you are completely unraveling the freedom of speech," he said. "It will have a chilling effect on discussion."

In the documents, Prosser described a long-simmering rivalry with Bradley. And he downplayed statements by Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson that she was afraid of him, saying she has a tendency to scream when startled, "as though she was being attacked or sexually assaulted on a public street."

"She's trying to create the impression that I'm terrorizing her … and I'm saying this is total nonsense," Prosser said in an interview. "What I'm actually saying is, she's paranoid."

Wow that sounds familiar.  David Prosser is the victim yet again and if only the principal would listen and not make him angry he would not have to attack them!!!!!  To trump it all though he gets to add a little bit of making fun of women who have been sexually assaulted on top, just for good measure.  What a guy! 

What a despicable human being and half the State of Wisconsin Voted for him!   


  1. What a despicable human being and half the State of Wisconsin Voted for him!

    Indeed... And the question I asked about Walker applies equally to Prosser.

    What would it take?

    1. I am quite sure there is no tipping point for the true believers....

    2. In defense of the voters, they didn't know he had said these things until a year after the election. And they don't believe in recalls, so we have 9 more years of this to look forward to.

  2. Why did Prosser want the Judicial Commission records made public? How could he think it makes him look better?

    1. He seems to be making a claim that there is too much "political correctness" required and it is unfair to expect him to not discuss certain things in the workplace.

      What have we done to deserve this kind of thing on our Supreme Court?

  3. This is all, by the way, from reporter Dee Hall's story in the Wisconsin State Journal.

  4. Totally weird that he would say, "as if she were being sexually assaulted" unless he was just talking off the record with buddies and engaging in gossip. To say that at work really sounds bizarre.

    He makes it sound like he hides and jumps out at her, for fun, like you do when you know someone well and want to tease them. That would imply a friendly relationship, but also, the normal thing would be to "scream". Most people jump or scream when startled. It doesn't mean you are paranoid.

    Why add the thing about being sexually assaulted? That is so strange, based on their age, for one thing, but, also because it isn't what you think about when you think about the Supreme Court. Are we to believe now that on top of touching women's necks and swearing at them that he is hiding on them and jumping out and startling them? On top of that accusing them of thinking they were being "sexually assaulted"? How does this help his case?

  5. I think Prosser is seriously disturbed and needs therapy. The 'emasculation' comment alone is pretty telling, especially when directed towards Justice Abrahamson who is about 5 feet tall and in her 70's.
    Talk about untenable work environment! I can't imagine how uncomfortable it would be to have to try to work with someone who is so hostile.

    I wish Roggensack and Ziegler would speak up in this situation more. Why doesn't Prosser dislike them as much? Why don't they head him off more? Whether they agree with Abrahamson and Bradley's philosophy, isn't there widespread agreement that calling the chief justice "a total bitch" is crossing a line?

  6. The guy has been a piece of work ever since I can remember when he was a judge in Appleton. The guy has proven time and again to a) have a severely short fuse. b) to be extremely unstable both physically and mentally.

  7. It certainly doesn't seem like conduct becoming of a supreme court justice. Ironically the unions helped get him elected. If the fate of act 10 wasn't hanging in the balance I don't think he would have won the election. The unions helped to make sure that was front page news, and the public decided they agreed with Walker and unfortunately Prosser came along for the ride.

    1. Nice to hear you admit this behavior is unbecoming in a judge. Maybe there is hope after all. :o) Please read my reply below on his election.

  8. I don't think you can blame Prosser's election on unions. The Republicans, to their credit, generally do turn out to vote in Supreme Court elections. Had there not been a big issue made of Act 10, Kloppenburg, an unknown, wouldn't have even come close.

  9. The next Supreme Court election will be fully funded by the Koch brothers and friends. It's probably a waste of time to even contest it. We could save taxpayers money and ease business uncertainty by establishing a system in which a committee of corporate lobbyists appoints the new justice, in much the same way that Free Trade agreements work.