Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Whine! More Weenies!

This morning, I put it out there that Scott Walker's "brat and beer summit" was nothing more than a campaign gimmick, just like he played the veterans in Milwaukee with Operation Freedom.

As usual, I was correct.  Badger Democracy did the leg work and compared the contributors to the summit to his campaign contributors.  Not surprisingly, there were a lot of match ups.  Badger Democracy also pointed out that many of the contributors just so happened to be part of the Wisconsin's Grocers Association.  You might remember them from last year with their fake alarm about union members and protesters planning to deface boycotted products.

The next step would be an Open Records Request between his staffers and the contributors.  It would be interesting to see if Walker did this as an official gubernatorial act or through his campaign.  If he holds true to pattern, Walker had his government staff doing a combination of strong-arming and pay-for-play to get the vendors to cough up their shares.

In a related story, the supposedly fiscally conservative groups Citizens for Responsible Government and the Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty let the cat out of the cellophane bag by showing that they are really nothing more than puppets for the Koch Brothers when they send out a mewling, petulant press release whining that Senator Chris Larson also abstained from Walker's photo op/campaign stunt.

These knuckle-dragging neo-neanderthals used a comment from Larson's Facebook page as his reason for not going.  While Larson is correct that Walker isn't serious about fixing all the damage he has caused, the bumbling buffoons mistakenly identify Larson's clarity for why he didn't go.

Doing what they should have done in the first place, I got in contact with Larson.  Yeah, he didn't go. The reason though wasn't political.  He stayed home to care for his newly born baby son in order for his wife to go to work on the last day of school.

Maybe CRG and WGL have something against kids.  Or maybe they hate the thought of women doing anything but being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.  Or maybe, like I said, their just tools.  Remember, CRG is the cravenly cowards that put those anti-teacher fliers out in Janesville.  And the Grandkids are the same ones that "hosted" a teahadist convention in a Milwaukee County park with Scott Walker's endorsement as County Executive.  In other words, they're as corrupt as he is.

Whatever the reasoning for these malefactors to issue such an insane release, they better have one out tomorrow apologizing.  To help motivate them to do the right thing, they have thoughtfully provided their phone numbers:

CRG: (414) 573 -8709

WGL: (414) 465-8683

So, go ahead, give them a call and tell them to apologize to Senator Larson for lying about him and that they're thuggish behaviors will no longer be tolerated.  And if you want to share a few other thoughts with them, well, that's your business.

P.S. For what it's worth, I hear that Kleismet, like most bullies, was practically in tears when people confronted him about those fliers.

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