Friday, January 9, 2015

Football Politics: Showdown at the Lambeau - K Corral

In Green Bay, Wisconsin, the wind chill is a biting 30 below zero and there is plenty of snow on the ground. However, as the Green Bay Packers are getting ready to host (and defeat) the Dallas Cowboys this weekend, things are heating up in the smash-mouth political football game known as the 2016 GOP presidential primary.

When the Cowboys come to Lambeau Field, they will be probably bringing along their biggest - and I do mean biggest - fan, Chris Christie, otherwise known as the Outlaw Jersey Whale.

Christie is out to show that he is the toughest, meanest and most corrupt Republican Governor around. Not only does he verbally abuse teachers for fun, he has gotten himself inescapably entangled in Bridgegate, the scandal that won't go away.

But even Bridgegate wasn't enough for Christie's insatiable appetite, so he got himself tied up in yet another scandal, but faces yet another possible investigation for taking gifts from Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, after allowing the Port Authority enter into a business relationship with Jones.

But Christie isn't going to be throwing his weight around Green Bay without a challenge.

He's going to be on the turf of Scott Walker, Tosa Ranger, aka Desperado. Walker is the only governor to be a person of interest in not just one, but two, John Doe investigations. Six of Walker's aides and friends have already been convicted of illegal politicking, embezzling money from a veterans fund and other sordid affairs and more than a score of others have been granted immunity for their testimony. The only reason Walker has escaped the long arm of the law is the millions of dollars of dark money thrown at his legal defense cooperation fund.

Walker, like Christie, thinks he should be president. Or at least the voices in his head that he mistakes for God are telling him he should be governor.

Walker believes this so much that he has rehired a consultant with experience running national campaigns while he is busy explaining that he doesn't really need a college degree to be president, as long as he can follow orders from the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson and the Bradley Foundation.

Walker hasn't waited for Christie to get to Wisconsin to take some potshots at him. After Christie's embarrassing attempt at hugging last weekend, Walker sent out this almost as embarrassing tweet:

Walker, Tosa Ranger and the Outlaw Jersey Whale have tangled before, with Walker feeling that Christie wasn't supportive enough during the gubernatorial election.

But that will be small potatoes as these two knuckleheads try to out-conservative and out-corrupt each other as the primary moves on.


  1. I fear for the structural integrity of the stadium. I do not believe it was designed to hold the combined ego weight of scooter, christy and Jerry Jones.

  2. Fat jokes ?!?! Really folks?!?!? You should be ashamed of yourself. You make yourself look every much of a bully as Christie.

    1. You're more concerned about fat jokes than the level of corruption and the fact that these men want to be your next president when they both belong in prison? You might want to reevaluate your priorities.

    2. I think he's more concerned about your hypocrisy, capper. Between you and Jeff Simpson, you're both walking models for diabetic support hose. Where do you get off making fun of ANYONE'S weight?

    3. Anon: Typical Repuglican deflection! The issue is not how fat capper is, it's how fat he says Christie is!!!

  3. In the 6th paragraph don't you mean president, not governor?

  4. Oh yeah SKW and his folks never ridiculed anyone,"You can tell if someone is a member of a public employees union by the Koran on his desk", not to mention all the racist, homophobic, and anti-folks with disabilities jokes by his BFFs.

  5. You know, capper, I bet you're fatter than Christie. Care to weigh in?

  6. It is sad really that these unfortunate souls are so miserable that they will take a story about some good natured banter between two govs. and twist it around and shit out a corruption "story". And the ironic ridicule of Christie's weight, really? I usually come here to get a good laugh, but today I just leave with concern for your mental well-being...

  7. I dunno. Gov. Brownback might have both these clowns beat but it's a toss up for sure:

  8. This blog has been very interesting in the past. Being that I am from the other Wisconsin, the non-Milwaukee/ Madison/ Southeast corner of population that is Wisconsin, learning about Milwaukees issues has been huge.

    What also has been great here is that CONNECTING THE DOTS of corruption and cronyism and all the shenanigans pulled by a select elite, in collaboration with out of state interests, really help to highlight the issues of our state.

    However, while referencing hot news items that pop up around the country, I feel you lose this blogs Wisconsin focus, the part that made it really interesting to me.

    Now, this post is in that fun my team is better than you team thing with the standard one phrase jab and what not at the opposing side, but that does not enlighten me.

    Rather, this just gives more name recognition to people we really could care less about.

    Contrary, you could do a write up, a continuing theme style that portrays (and it is a true portrayal) of a Governor who jumps on the bandwagon for anything "wisconsin," especially the Packers, not to mention beer and cheese.

    Either way, your unique blog perspective is becoming lost amid the countless other shallow jab, one-liner posts that show up everywhere.

  9. I woke up this morning to discover much to my surprise that Chris Christie is still a fat jerk and Scott Walker is still a lying, corrupt piece of shit.