Thursday, January 15, 2015

Time For A Closer

By Jeff Simpson

Mike Tate is going out, the way he came in and ran the party - selfishly, condescending, and self delusional.

According to Dan Bice, which shows Tate's selfishness that he told Bice this and not any long time liberal bloggers or party members, Mike Tate is "stepping down".

“Accordingly, today I am announcing that I will not seek another term as chair at our convention in June.”
Tate, whose combative style made him a lightning rod to Republicans, leaves behind a decidedly mixed record as head of the Wisconsin Democrats. The 35-year-old party boss could not be reached for comment on Thursday morning.
A little more than two months ago, Tate’s team suffered major losses up and down the ballot, failing for the third time to defeat Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who is now considering a presidential bid in 2016.
All three branches of state government are now firmly in GOP control.
Technically Mike Tate is not "stepping down" he is not running for re-election.  He is going to keep his cushy, well paying job until the very last day he can.  Besides he has one more spring election to lose.

Mike Tate relinquishing his role as head of the ole boys club, will now set  in motion a bunch of people trying to take over his seat at head of the Ole Boys table.  Hopefully whoever ends up taking his place has a firmer grip on reality.

"I have had a front row seat to all of the historic highs and lows Wisconsin has seen in the last six years. It has been a period of great upheaval and change; we have experienced heartbreaking setbacks and incredible triumphs," he wrote. He makes only a brief mention to "the lows of Scott Walker's electoral success."
 Considering when Mike Tate took over the reigns, the Democrats were in charge of all three branches of Government and now are an irrelevant minority, and lost to the most extreme Governor in our history(and one who is under a huge cloud of ethics investigations) three times, leaves one flabbergasted.

 It is interesting though that Jason Rae from Nation Consulting, wants to take his place.   Since Nation Consulting is the group that is responsible for Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, it seems like a natural thing for Tate and Rae to switch positions.  That way we can continue losing elections and not skip a beat!

Hiring lobbyist to run the party, has worked so well for us, why stop now?

No more steak knives!   


  1. It's time for Graeme to come back and run the party!

  2. Yeah, it's all Mike's fault. No responsibility should be handed out to bloggers like yourself, who slammed Burke until close to the end. Teachers drop off by 40% in non-Presidential years, the LGBT community stayed home because they feel their issues are handled, the NRA hammered rural and northern communities, etc. Yeah, it's all Mike Tate's fault.

    1. We need to elect someone from Milwaukee or Madison again because they have no clue what the climate is like in Rural Wisconsin. Its Hell being a Democrat. The ADCC is running the legislative elections and they spend $100,000 on Literature that no one reads and spend $2000 on radio which everyone listens to. Its status quo everyday in Madison and Milwaukee. The Republicans paint the Dems as Welfare Advocates while Walker is out on the campaign trail saying we are going to drug test Welfare Recipients. Why because it polls awesome and moves polling numbers even if its unconstitutional. Walkers numbers skyrocketed. Yet we all hire the same people for the Democratic party after we get our ass kicked in the election. Who ever gets elected as DPW chair better be someone very good. It's not Mike Tate's fault its the party as a whole. There is 0 grass roots movement for the party in this state. The Republicans have the message and are the Party of the Working Class. All Democrats are at fault.

    2. i take 0 responsibility for the loss. I hammered her where she needed to be hammered on. I didnt hire a republican lobbyist to run her amateur campaign.

      tate was paid good money to win electionsand failed miserably. His career will go down in the record books as don mortonesque

  3. Tate did a good job of continuing the practice of blocking the participation of the people in the State Party.
    The Pawn to replace "His Royal Pawnship", has likely already been selected.

  4. Back in 2007, Thad Nation also cheerfully astro-turfed for the ATT / ALEC rewrite of Wisconsin's cable television law. Raise your hand if you think you have better service or lower prices over the last seven years.

  5. What about Joseph S. Wineke? He was before Tate. We won elections then.