Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Scotty Nonsense

BY Jeff Simpson 

As soon as the folks at Politifact got up of the floor from laughing so hard, they gave him a pants on fire rating!

In any case, the lack of Soviet records described by Walker is clear.
Reagan's own ambassador to the Soviet Union, Jack Matlock, told us: "It's utter nonsense. There is no evidence of that whatever."
Matlock questioned whether Soviet leaders even paid much attention to the firings, saying: "At that point, their big question was whether (Reagan) was going to attack them."

Utter nonsense pretty much describes Scott walker very well.  

Kind of hard to have someone speak about holding schools and teachers accountable when you are either that ignorant of history or are so willing to lie.    Mr. Walker has more in common with Sarah Palin than we knew!



  1. walker is an ass !!!!!

  2. it is Walker's Mode of Operation - tell half-truths and outright lies and then repeat them until someone points out the error and then move on to another lie - It's Working!

  3. Look, Today it is no longer necessary to make any factual statements. Remember that he is the son of a fundamentalist preacher who have developed a strategy of just throwing out whatever springs into their heads including speaking in tongues and fully expecting the congregation to believe it.
    This is what politics have become today. Just a lot of jibberish leaving the rest of us to try to explain why it isnt so...

  4. "How fortunate for those in power that people do not think". Adolf Hitler 1939.

  5. He is so beholden to his constant lies, exaggerations and plain falsehoods that he is no longer capable of separating fact from fiction. Sadly it has worked to help him climb the political ladder but God help us if the people of this nation buy into all the crap that this man produces! Next thing ....he'll tell us Doyle told him about the documents!

  6. Be patient my friends. Scott Walker is on power trip fueled by ego and the uber rich. He has temporarily replaced Sarah Palin as the new love interest of wingnut brigade. While he is smarter and more sober than Ms. Palin, he suffers from hubris. He will fail because like the moth, he does not understand the consequences of dancing too close to the flame. One too many lies, whoppers, or flat out fuck-ups and the conductor will run the gravy train off the tracks. Enjoy the crash, it is coming.

  7. The soviets however, did pay attention to our navy shooting down an Iranian airliner full of civilians...

  8. Listening to Walker talk is painful. While he is a masterful liar and fantastic at selling out constituents to the highest bidders; when he goes off script he sounds stupid. Ignorant & stupid. And his obsession with Ronald Reagan is truly disturbing because Walker honestly believes he is Reagan reincarnated. Walker's ego is out of control. Walker is a bigger danger to America than ISIS.