Tuesday, January 13, 2015

WI State Senators To Be Barred From Using Cameras

State Sen. Scott Fitzgerald and
Judi Rhodes Engels
The Wisconsin State Senate Republicans apparently have created all the jobs we need, balanced the budget and fixed all the other problems the state is facing, given the foolishness they are pursuing now:
Wisconsin state senators would not be allowed to take pictures with their cellphones or any other camera inside the Senate chamber under a proposed new rule.

That would stop lawmakers from taking pictures during debate. Some have taken pictures during debate and immediately posted them to social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook.

Members of the public observing debate are already precluded from taking pictures from the gallery. Now senators would be barred from doing it as well.

The new proposed rules were released Monday by Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald's office. They were scheduled to be voted on Tuesday.
While Wisconsin State Senators won't be able to take selfies anymore, they will still be able to carry their snub nosed pistols.

Spectators have been already been banned from having guns or cameras in the senate chambers. Heck, they're not even allowed to have signs, because Free Speech is no longer a constitutional right, but merely a suggestion.


  1. The State Capitol = Animal Farm. The Repiglicans are firmly in control.

  2. Apparently, they are above the law and don't need a seat belt.

  3. So sad. No more pics of snarling beasties!

  4. Tony Palese, spokesman for Democratic Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling, says he's heard of no opposition to the rules from Democratic senators.

  5. Just scared of the possibility of ending up a Youtube star like Mike Ellis.

  6. Did anyone see Joel Kleefish sneer at the WPT camera during the State of the State address the other night? He hates cameras catching him at his crabby finest.